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August 18, 2013

Festival: Hechtfest – or the little sister of the BRN

You could translate Hechtfest with pike festival – but no, it’s not about eating pikes and who’s gonna catch the biggest fish from the Elbe. Hechtfest is simply a festival of a district in Dresden called Hechtviertel, which is only a 10-minute-walk away from our hostel, along the Hechtstraße, Rudolf- Leonard Straße and St Pauli Church,…. So instead of eating good smoked fish it is about music, arts, drinking beer, meeting people and having fun. Some people claim the Hechtfest to be the new BRN-festival (we have posted about it earlier this year) only a little smaller.

Anyways, the festival is taking place from August 23rd to August 25th in the Hechtviertel area. So come visit, get some funky souvenir at the little fleamarkets organised by families living in this area, join some concerts, see some art, take part in a football match, or visit the dog race. And the best ting about it: it’s all for free!

You can find more information and the whole programme on the website:
Unfortunately it’s all in German, but I’m sure you can click your way through it ;)



August 12, 2013

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Elionore von Spira @ 9:16 am

Palais Summer

The Palais Summer has started again. It is a cultural festival taking place in the park of Japanisches Palais in Dresden from August 1st to August 25th. The focus of this festival is on art connected to the awarding of the Canaletto award. But even if you say “I’ve visited the old masters gallery the whole day long – I cannot take anymore art”  you don’t need to worry. It’s not like that. There are some paintings of local artists exhibited somewhere at the side of the garden. What is much more interesting is the programme that is going on during these days. There are piano nights, audio drama nights, you can take part in some yoga courses (at various times during the day), watch movies or join some painting performances such as nude painting in the park – where else can you get this if not in Dresden?!

And what is best: all these events are for free! You can even get blankets or deck chairs there, in case it gets cold at night.

So why not spend a day or two in Dresden and visit the Palais Summer?!

On their website you can get more information and also find the whole programme:


May 13, 2013

Lollis kitchen concert

Lollis Homestay Hostel presents: ALEX MILLAIRE in a free concert on the 5th of June 2013! Start is about 20:00 in our kitchen! And it will be of course free for all! Everybody is cordially invited!

Alex: “What I offer is a 1 hour concert that emphasizes audience participation and the experience of communal music-making (including singing, dancing, making shakers out of rice and water bottles, anything that sounds!)”


March 6, 2013

Unterstützt den USE-IT Stadtplan für Dresden

Auch in diesem Jahr soll in Dresden wieder ein USE-IT Stadtplan erscheinen.  Das Besondere ist, daß dieser Stadtplan komplett werbefrei ist und deswegen keine Rücksichten auf die Anzeigenkunden genommen werden muß, sondern sich die Inhalte ausschließlich an den Benutzern orientieren. So werden die Informationen in der Karte vertrauenswürdig und ehrlich (man kann etwa vor bekannten Touristenfallen warnen), der Stadtplan somit wirklich nützlich und die jungen Gäste bekommen damit die Chance, Dresden nicht als Touristen kennen zu lernen, sondern die Stadt zu erfahren, wie sie wirklich ist.

Jedes Jahr aufs Neue stehen wir vor der Herausforderung die nötigen Mittel aufzutreiben.  Wir bekamen bisher immer und dieses Jahr auch wieder Unterstützung vom Stadtmarketing Dresden.  Das ist großartig, reicht aber nicht.  Dieses Jahr versuchen wir, das fehlende Geld über Crowdfunding zu bekommen.

Bitte unterstützt den USE-IT Stadtplan, in dem ihr uns auf direkt finanziell unterstützt


  • Fan werdet auf der Seite
  • Den Link und Infos an Bekannte, Kollegen, Partner, Freunde etc. verschickt, gern auch mit der Bitte das weiter zu verteilen und bekannt zu machen.
  • Den Link und Infos auf euren Facebookseiten (privat und Geschäft/beruflich) teilt und verschickt, auch Twitter, Google+, was es eben alles so gibt.
  • eventuell in den Blogs, sofern ihr welche schreibt, auf den Webseiten oder ähnliches dazu schreibt oder andere Blogger oder Freunde bittet darüber zu schreiben.
  • Fans werdet auf unserer Facebook-Seite:

Allerbesten Dank vom gesamten USE-IT Team.


December 23, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

Thank you for all the informative discussions about the world, for all the teas you made for us receptionists, for all the beers we drank with you after our shifts and the yummy food you cooked for us!

For all our guests, who will stay  in Lollis Hostel over the holidays we will prepare a nice Christmas dinner on the 24th!

You are cordially invited to snuggle with us!


December 9, 2012

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Lolli @ 8:41 pm

Christmas party on December 24th

As you may know, the “holy” day for Christmas in Germany is December 24th.  Thats the day, when family comes together, when you give and get all the nice (or not so nice) presents.  Thats the day when Santa Claus is coming.

We usually have a nice crowd of people in the hostels, some Germans visitig family here, some exchange students on holidays, some travellers.  Guest come from all over the world, like USA, China, Germany, Russia, Georgia, Lebanon, Japan, Italy, South Korea already booked – and we still have a couple of beds open.

So, we will show you, how we celebrate.  But we leave all family staff with the families and we will have a nice Christmas dinner!  It will be some German food, and we will have some wine, mulled wine, beeres, tea or whatever you want.  Some friends will come by and say hello, so its supposed to be a great, warm, happy evening with our own family – the hostels family.

So, you are invited to take part of our hostel Christmas dinner on December 24th, around 19:00.  Come along, bring friends.  It doesn’t costs much, we will share the price for the food, which will be no more then 5 Euro.

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Santa Claus


July 8, 2012

HechtFest (english)

It’s summer and it’s time to celebrate in the streets of Dresden together with friends, neighbors, strangers…!!!

From August 24th to August 26th a quarter called “Hechtviertel” will open its doors and everyone is invited to join the colorful , cheerful event that is going on! There will be four stages where you can listen and dance to Folk, Independent, Reggae and Ska. You can also see lots of artists in the streets or try some home-baked cake in one of the backyards. One of the highlights is the bobbycar-race on Saturday morning or the big breakfast in the streets on Sunday.

The “Hechtviertel” is in the north of Dresden just next to the “Neustadt”. From “Lollis Homestay” you will get there after only ten minutes walk!