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July 15, 2015

USE-IT app is out now!

You might have already had one of the USE-IT Maps in your hand when visiting towns like Antwerp, Barcelona, Bologna, Bruges, Brussels, Budapest, Glasgow, Granada, Oslo, Prague or many others.

Great news: There is now an app (download on Itunes for your I-Phone) out there, so you can already download and check around the city you want to visit even before you arrive. The app currently contains Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Dresden, Ghent, Leuven, Mechelen, Mons, Ostrava, Padua, Prague and Utrecht.

So here is what you get!

First you will be asked to download the content for each destination. Good thing about that: You just need to download what you need and your memory of your phone stays clean for your pictures & music! Also the app works completly offline from that point on. No need to waste precious mobile data or the need of a WiFi Hotspot :)

If there are any updates content wise, you can of course update it!


First you get the overview of the map of your destination. You can easily see all categories spread all over the city. You can either just choose one category at a time – for example if you ask yourself „Where do I find something to eat“. Or of course you can also show all categories at the same time.


You can choose from: See, Eat, Drink, Shop, Chill, Go Out


So if you have read about, for example, the “Kunsthofpassage” in Dresden somewhere, click on the Button to view the location on the map and get some information about it.


Of course you also will find all important sights, hostels, bars, parks, shops, nightshops, supermarkets, cash machines, post offices, bike rentals, bus & train stations or tourist offices.


Instead of browsing through the map, you can easily browse through the list. Found something interesting? Click on it and get important information about the sight, opening times, homepage or entry fees. Add it to your personal list and hit the road to get there.


Choose the list „near me“ to check out everything in your area. It will give you a rough idea about the walking distances! You can click on the info button to get some more fun facts about your destination.

So there also is a 5 minutes of history text to fresh up your history knowledge and more useful information. You also get some basic tourist information how things are going there. And of course some hints where to find the best party spots in town.


You can give your best in learning how to act like a local :)


If you think, that you have seen all of Dresden, you can check out the surroundings.


So but what makes this app so special in comparison to other city guides? And why should you definitely check it out?
There is a fun feature called “Walk the dog
On your map there will be mans best friend walking a tour through the city. So take your leash and follow him. He will take you on a guided tour in real time. If there are others doing it at the same time as you, chances are pretty high to meet fellow traveller on your way!

More good news: No strings attached! The app is totally free, no in-app purchases, nothing!
The USE-IT app has been financed through a crowdfunding campaign and donations of some municipalities.
If you feel the need to support the campaign in any way – be it some missing information, then contact them on Contact USE-IT! If you wanna buy their love, feel free to donate on Buy their Love!



June 28, 2015

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marc @ 3:20 pm

Special @ Lollis Homestay + Free concert on 1st of July

Have you already checked out our specials on our homepage?

You can get yourself a free glass of juice for your next breakfast and win a free accommodation with us or the Labyrinth Hostel in Weimar.

Each Sunday & Wednesday Agata invites you to our free dinner at 8pm.


Every Monday you;ll meet Agata again, when we offer our free BBQ!


If you are keen to lern some basic german, you’ve gotta be around each Thuesday at 7.30pm to meet Elli and her basic german language course.


When you wanna stroll through our hip neighborhood – be at the hostel on Thursday at 9pm and take part at our Neustadt Nightwalk – on special: 5€!!!

On 1st of July 2015 we are delighted to presenting you an awesome live concert. 

Cameron Armstrong, who’s staying with us, will entertain you at about 9pm!!! So first get some delicious dinner with Agata and then enjoy the free concert!

Checkout this video and that video by cameron! 




April 29, 2015

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marc @ 2:01 pm

On her way to India

We were delighted to give Rae a lovely stay to rest and recover on her way to India!

The bike is f*cking heavy (i tried to lift it :)) So it’s gonna be a pain to overwind mountains!

Next stop will be in Königstein staying at the Ferdinands Homestay! We wish her all luck making it to India!



April 18, 2015

Young Europeans Statistics



You are aged between 16 and 29 years? You live in Europe or you are interested in the european way of life? Then you can use this online tool (“Eurostat”- european statistics, they are NOT collecting your personal informations) to compare your life with other european and young people!

The differences can be small somethimes, but huge in other aspects of life (age, work, internet, social life, education,…). Try, enjoy and learn:


March 21, 2015

Aus der Reihe: Dresdens beste Aussichtspunkte

IMG_5135-kl(Visit us on Facebook to see the picture in big scale)

Zum Wochenende wollen wir Euch unsere neue Reihe “Dresdens schönste Aussichtspunkte” vorstellen. Wie der Name schon verrät erkunden wir für Euch in den nächsten Wochen Kirchtürme, Anhöhen in der Umgebung (die Ihr super auf einer Fahrradtour erkunden könnt) und Aussichtspunkte. Wir verraten Euch wo sie sind, ob es Eintritt kostet und was Ihr sehen könnt.

During the next few weeks, we’ll present you the best lookout points. We’ll explore church towers, hills (where you can get to by bike) and other lookout spots. We’ll tell you where they are, if it cost you anything and what you can see there.


Heute hat es Marc bei schönstem Wetter auf den Turm der Kreuzkirche gezogen!

Die Kirche an sich ist imposant anzusehen und hat im Vergleich zu anderen Kirchen in Dresden einen Großbrand (Kreuzkirchenbrand 1897) als auch den Bombenangriff 1945 überstanden.

Today Marc caught some beautiful sunlight while climbing the tower of the Church of the cross! It’s quite impressive to watch. In comparison to other churches, this one has survived a big fire in 1897 and the bombing in 1945.


Bis ganz zur Spitze kommt Ihr nicht – aber immerhin zur Aussichtsplattform in 54m Höhe! Um dahin zu gelangen heißt es für Euch eine ganze Menge Treppen steigen! Aber Eure Mühe wird mit einem herrlichen 360° Rundblick belohnt. Auf halber Strecke kommt Ihr an der Glockenstube vorbei und könnt die 112 Jahre alten Kirchglocken bestaunen. Die Glocken zählen zu den größten Bronzegeläuten Deutschlands.

Unfortunately you can’t climb to the top of the tower – but there is a viewing platform in 54m height. To reach it, you have to climb up a lot of stairs! But your effort will be rewarded with a beautiful 360° surround view! While climbing up you’ll walk past the belfry which has got on of the biggest peal of bells in Germany.

Hier kurz zu den Öffnungszeiten:

Montag – Freitag 10 – 18 Uhr
Sonnabend         10 – 15 Uhr
Sonntag             10 – 18 Uhr

Preise Turm:

Erwachsene                  3,00 Euro
Schüler/Studenten      2,00 Euro
Kinder bis 14 Jahren   1,00 Euro
Familien                        5,00 Euro



March 13, 2015

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marc @ 2:05 pm

Celebrate this year St Patrick’s Day on 17th of March

In 4 days from now – on the 17th of March – the world goes green! It’s St Patrick’s Day :)

Just when you think you’ve seen every video of Ireland, shot from every imaginable angle, along comes this beauty to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

The Tourism Ireland initiative is narrated by Liam Neeson, and is given a whole new level of butterfly-inducing brilliance thanks to his gravelly vocals. Throw in sweeping shots of the beautiful Island, scenes of landmarks around the world going green, lots more shots of the craic being had and we’re all suddenly getting in the mood for St Patrick’s Day!

Watch the video:


In 4 Tagen ist es soweit – am 17. März wird die Welt in grün getaucht! Denn schließlich ist St Patrick’s Day!

Wenn man glaubt bereits alle Videos über Irland gesehen zu haben, wird man mit diesem hier überrascht!

Liam Neeson erzählt in diesem unglaublich schönem Kurzfilm über die Schönheit Irlands.

Schaut’s Euch einfach an – hier der Link:



February 13, 2015

DRESDEN 1945 by Yadegar Asisi


Vom 24. Januar bis 31. Mai 2015 könnt Ihr Euch die neue Ausstellung von Yadegar Asisi im Panometer in Dresden anschauen.

Heute vor 70 Jahren fand der Bomben-Angriff der alliierten Streitkräfte auf Dresden statt. Das schreckliche Ergebnis zeigt Asisi auf einem 360° Panorama mit dem Titel “DRESDEN 1945”.

Das Riesenvlies visualisiert die Bombenangriffe und zeigt eine Stadt im Augenblick ihres Tiefpunktes.

Ihr seht dabei die Elbmetropole unmittelbar nach der Bombardierung im Maßstab 1:1 vom Rathausturm aus.

Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack was Euch erwartet gibts unter:


Until the 31st of May 2015 you can visit the exhibition by Yadegar Asis inside the Panometer Dresden.

Today 70 years ago the allied forces bombed the Dresden city and destroyed most of it. You can see the result on a 360° panorama – titled “DRESDEN 1945”.

The bombing is visualized on a scale of 1:1 – viewed from the city town hall.

View the video for an impression whats to see there:


Panometer Dresden
Gasanstaltstraße 8b
01237 Dresden


Di – Fr                  10 – 17 Uhr
Sa, So, Feiertage 10 – 18 Uhr
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