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January 25, 2015

Aus der Reihe: Die Mitarbeiter // Meet the hostel staff !

Elli ++ seit fast 3 Jahren dabei ++ „reizende Rezi“

Verrücktestes Erlebnis während meiner Zeit im Lollis?

>> Jede Weihnachtsfeier (!) – Man erfährt viele interessante Dinge über die Menschen mit denen man tagtäglich arbeitet. Jedes Mal herrscht eine ausgelassene, fröhliche Stimmung und am Ende landet man immer in der Neustadt. Für mehr Details spricht man mich am besten direkt an. <<

Das schönste Erlebnis im Lollis?

>> Seit dem Jahr 2014 gebe ich den Gästen im Sommer jeden Dienstag einen Einführungskurs in Deutsch. Einmal dankte mir eine Dame aus Russland mit einem hübschen Matruschka-Anhänger. Es ist toll, wenn man merkt, dass die Gäste Spaß hatten und es einem danken.<<

Das liebe ich am meisten am Lollis?

>> Natürlich die Kollegen, das nette Arbeitsklima und die Gäste. Aber vor allem die kreative Atmosphäre, die von unserem Hostel ausgeht. Durch das Hostel habe ich „USE-IT“ ( kennengelernt. Gemeinsam mit Kollegen und diversen anderen Dresdnern arbeiten wir jedes Jahr daran einen werbungs-freien, aktuellen und vor allem frei erhältlichen Stadtplan zu veröffentlichen. Die Karte beinhaltet viele lokale Insider-Tipps, nur so lernt man das wahre Dresden kennen! <<

Elli mit use-it map

Elli ++ has been with us for almost 3 years ++ „lovely receptionist“

Craziest experience during my time working for Lollis Homestay?

>> Every „Office Christmas Party“ with the colleagues is crazy! You get to know the people, who work with you in such a different way. Everytime the atmosphere is so joyful and we always end up somewhere in the “Neustadt“. Christmas brings out the best in us. :) For more details you better speak to me directly.<<

Most beautiful memory form my time at Lollis?

>> In the summer I teach German to our guests every Tuesday. One time after one of these 1-hour-beginner-courses a russian lady thanked me and gave me a „Matruschka-hanger“. It’s great to know that guests enjoy the lessons and this was a very kind way to thank me. <<

What I love about Lollis Homestay?

>> Of course the colleagues, the work atmosphere and the guests. But most of all, Lollis is a place of creativity. Through the hostel I got to know „USE-IT“ ( Together with some of my colleagues and other locals we publish a commercial free, up to date and cost-free city map every year. It’s important to us to pormote local insider-tips, only with these you get to know the real Dresden. <<


January 4, 2015

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Lea @ 2:48 pm

Aus der Reihe: Die Mitarbeiter // Meet the hostel staff !

Ben ++ seit 8 1/4 Jahren dabei ++ „fleißiger Putzi“

Verrücktestes Erlebnis während meiner Zeit im Lollis?

>> Als Putzi hat man zwar nicht so einen intensiven Gästekontakt wie zum Beispiel unsere Rezeptionisten, aber wir sehen Dinge, welche sich unsere Kollegen in ihren kühnsten Träumen nicht vorstellen können. Vor etwa 2 Jahren betrat ich während eines Putzgangs durchs Haus eines unserer 4er-Zimmer. Sofort merkte ich: „hier stimmt etwas nicht“. Ein komischer Geruch lag in der Luft. Die Quelle war erst nach einigen Minuten gefunden. Ich muss zugeben, die Gäste hatten ihr Malheur kreativ versteckt. Nach einem feucht fröhlichen Abend ging es den Herren wohl ein wenig zu gut (bzw. zu schlecht). Es hat zwei Tage gedauert bis ich das Zimmer wieder hergerichtet hatte und es geruchsfrei war. <<

Das schönste Erlebnis im Lollis?

>> Nach einem ganz normalen Arbeitstag im Sommer, genoss ich mittags ein Bier draußen auf der Bank vor dem Hostel. Dabei lernte ich eine Dame mittleren Alters kennen, wir unterhielten uns bis Abends um 10 über Gott und die Welt – so etwas passiert vielleicht selten, aber man erlebt es nirgendwo anders! <<

Das liebe ich am meisten am Lollis?

<< Die Kollegen, das freundschaftliche Arbeitsklima, sowie die faire Geschäftsleitung !!! <<

hardworking Ben

Ben ++ has been with us for 8 1/4 years ++ “hadworking cleaner”

Craziest experience during my time working for Lollis Homestay?

>> As a cleaner you don’t have as much customer contact as for example a receptionist. However you see things, which the other colleagues can’t even imagine in their wildest dreams. About 2 years ago … during my daily cleaning routine … I entered a 4 bed room. I immediately realized: “there’s something wrong in here“. There was a very strange smell in the air. After a while I found the source. I have to admit, these guests had developed a very creative method to hide their slip-up. Apparently these gentleman had had a adventerous night out on the town! Too bad for me, it took me 2 days to clean the room and get the smell out. <<

Most beautiful memory from my time at Lollis Homestay?

>>After a rather busy work day one summer, I enjoyed a beer outside the hostel. While doing so I met a middle-aged woman. The two of us talked until 10 pm in the evening about anything that came to mind – something like this doesn’t happen often, but you don’t experience it anywhere else! <<

What I love about Lollis Homestay?

>> The colleagues , the friendly working atmosphere and a very fair board of management. <<


January 1, 2015

Lollis Homestay wishes you a Happy New Year !!!

2014 has been another exciting year for Lollis Homestay. We made lots of new friends, had exquisite hostel dinners and (on some nights) partied with our guests all night long. :)

But before the recap for this year starts, we want to thank all of our wonderful guests, who have enriched us with their presence for the past year. Our team works hard to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for you guys. However without you, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today.

So this was 2014 for us…

Because of a busy summer 2013 we had to make a few rennovations. We were also proud to be able to present a new room called Orientalsaal (“Orientroom“).

A great talent from Russia visited Lollis Homestay. Guests and employees got an oil painting of themselves for free!! We thank Gayane D. for making us and our guests such lovely presents.

Every Wednesday and Sunday evening “Chef Björn“ cooks a free veggie dinner for our guests. From “Chilli sin carne“ to “traditional German cuisine newly interpreted“ – this is Haute Cuisine! But for all that (!) Björn sometimes needed a little helper called Pranav. On top of that Pranav always took care of guests when it came to going out and enjoying Dresdens nightlife. We wish Pranav the best of luck with his studies over in gold old Berlin. ;)

Lollis Homestay celebrated its 13-year-anniversary. Before the Hostel moved into the centre of the Neustadt Area 10 years ago, it was located in the Hechtviertel (“Hecht Area“). Henne and Lolli have been running the hostel together for 10 years now!!!

Shortly before the summer season started our lovely receptionist, Elli, decided to become a teacher for our hostel guests. In summer we offered our guests to learn German with Elli every Tuesday @7.30 pm for one hour. Elli taught you how to meet, greet and order everything from ice cream to „Schweinshaxe“ in German. Thank you Elli!

Like every year we had a stage set up for some bands and we were happy to celebrate the “Colourful Republic of the Neustadt“ (in German: Bunte Republik Neustadt). The Bunte Republik Neustadt (literally “Colourful Republic of Neustadt”) was a micronation in parts of the city’s district Dresden-Neustadt from 1990 to 1993. Nowadays every year in June a 3-day cultural festival is celebrated in the Neustadt under the same name. Thanks to all of the helpers, which made this years festival possible – it was a blast!
Here’s next years dates: June 19th, 2015 – June 21st, 2015. Make sure to reserve a room or bed as early as possible. It’s definitely worth it to stay for the whole three days.

We love when you guys write us. In July we received a lovely postcard from Taiwan. This is what we work for (!), so please if you were satisified with our service (or not), write us an review or simply send us a postcard. We’re always interested in your opinions.

Like many, Lollis Homestay could not be spared from the “Ice Bucket Challenge”. Cameraman Marc and Johannes captured the event. Check out the video on our facebook page and to all the ladys out there – the guy is some serious eye candy. ;) At this point we’re raising awareness for the the disease ALS (amoytrophic lateral sclerosis) and encourage donations to research.

Are you enjoying the music you’re hearing in the common room and reception area? Every receptionist has her or his own favorite genre and artists, which they love to hear while working. So besides taking care of check-ins, check outs, preparing breakfast, entertaining guests or cleaning after them, the receptionists are also Dj-ing and showing you the hottest tracks of the season (or century). ;)

By the way … The city tax introduced to Dresden in February, 2015 is not mandatory anymore. Every guest, who is over 18 years old now safes EUR 1,30 per night again. Yay!

Refugees are welcome & Lollis Homestay supports this.
PEGIDA demonstrations have been taking place in our Old Town (Altstadt) to protest against the “Islamization” of Europe since October, 2014. Their statements towards Islam are strongly directed at extremist groups.

There’s really nothing much left to say. In the last month of the year many came to visit Dresdens lovely christmas market and get a glimpse of Dresdens special christmas spirit . The fireworks on the night of December 31st illuminated the whole city. Right in the middle lies a small hostel, its employees anxiously await you and are happy about every visitor from around the world!

We hope you had a great start into the New Year!
Greetings from Dresden – Lea, Lollis Homestay


December 5, 2014

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marc @ 2:20 pm

Neue Verbindung von “Meinfernbus” Berlin-Dresden-Prag-Wien

Ab 18.12.2014 bietet “Meinfernbus” eine neue Verbindung zwischen Berlin, Prag und Wien über Dresden

Die Busse fahren täglich in Dresden (Bahnhof Neustadt) um 0.55Uhr los. In 2h ist man schließlich in Prag. Die Fahrt nach Wien dauert 6h.

Die Rückfahrt von Wien startet um 23.10Uhr – Ankunft ist hier um 5.35Uhr am Hauptbahnhof (Bayrische Straße)

Dresden – Prag: 12€

Dresden – Wien: 16€

From 18th of December on there will be a new connection offered by “meinfernbus” going from Berlin-Dresden-Prague-Vienna.

The bus runs daily, departing in Dresden at trainstation Neustadt at 0.55a.m. Getting into Prague 2h later. The trip to Vienna takes you 6h.

The bus departs in Vienna at 11.10pm and you’ll arrive in Dresden at 5.35a.m. at mainstation (Bayrische Straße)

Dresden – Prag: 12€

Dresden – Wien: 16€

Bild Quelle: Wikipedia


June 9, 2014

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Lolli @ 12:44 pm

our program for the BRN 2014

As every year we do have a stage and we are happy to celebrate the Colourful Republic of the Neustadt (BRN = Bunte Republik Neustadt). Here is our program for 2014:


19:00 – 20:00 BT’n’J
20:15 – 21:15 Odysseus and the Argonauts
21:45 – 22:15 Spezial guest
22:45 – 23:30 NI
00:00 – 01:00 Barraketenband


14:30 – 15:15 Protoplanet
15:45 – 16:30 Zu Hauser
17:00 – 17:45 THALIDOMIDE
18:15 – 19:00 Gaffa Gandhi
19:30 – 20:15 Trieblaut
20:45 – 21:30 Preglow
22:00 – 22:45 Jirikovo Videni
23:15 – 00:00 Jinovatka
00:15 – 02:00 Ghost Entertainment (Low-Key, No.Data, K-DJ)


we will need to relax on Sunday…

What is BRN?  This is what Wikipedia says:

The Bunte Republik Neustadt (German: literally “Colourful Republic of Neustadt”) was a micronation in Dresden in Germany, in parts of the city’s district Dresden-Neustadt, from 1990 to 1993; nowadays every year in June a 3-day cultural festival is celebrated there under the same name.

The name Bunte Republik (Colourful Republic) is a play on words on the term Bundesrepublik (Federal Republic) that the founders ofmicronation alluded to as an alternative way, at the time of the Wende before East Germany joined the Federal Republic of Germany.

In June 1990, the Bunte Republik was set up by a provisional government that was headed by a “Monarch without portfolio” and constituted of several ministers responsible for example for “Defence Power Ripping and Rapping” (Wehrkraftzerfetzung) or “Unculture and Submarines” (Unkultur und Unterseeboote). The provisional government demanded unification with Vatican City and issued decrees about land and property ownership and freedom of movement. A own currency, called Neustadtmark, that was based on the East German currency, was issued. A coat of arms of created that retained elements of thecoat of arms of East Germany with the head of Mickey Mouse featuring in the centre. Celebrating the founding of the Bunte Republik, the professional government organised a street festival that was held 21–23 June 1991 in Dresden-Neustadt.

Street festival

BRN festival, 2006

BRN festival, 2007

Nowadays during the annual festival, certain streets are closed off, with vendors selling food and drink, DJs and live bands playing music, and various other performances. To prevent the festival of become too commercial only residents, clubs and bars that are home in the festival area are permitted to sell drinks and food on the streets. Attractions and events are applied by a lot of locals to the regulatory authority and there is no organising host.

The festival draws large crowds from all walks of life. In 2006, more than 150,000 people attended, and over 100 bands played in the streets and parks of this area, with a total of more than 1000 artists participating. The two nights of the festival can be interpreted as a large house and street party with several stages and balcony-raves which ten-thousands of people attend.

Since 2001, as a result of several festival overshadowed by rioting, beverages sold in glass bottles is forbidden; the festival usually occurs under a strong police presence while it rested easy in recent years.


June 3, 2014

Biggest Neighbour Festival in Germany

Finally again! The Bunte Republik Neustadt (short: BRN) starts in the afternoon of the 13th of June. It is known as the biggest street- neighbour- festival in whole Germany. Lots of self made products (food, art, handycrafts,…) will be sold on the streets again, which will be completely closed for cars (that means within the quarter of the Äussere Neustadt).

The BRN has a long tradition, since over 20 years, right after the reunification of Germany. The Neustadt people celebrate their free spirit and their alternative life style as far as possible. From the 13th to the 15th of June 2014 you can expect hundrets of free concerts, theatre plays, small moveable cinemas, Techno partys and much more, all day long.

Lollis Homestay will also set up a stage again in front of the house, so be prepared with earplugs, or better: quit sleeping, you do not want to anyway!!! ;)


January 2, 2014

Lollis Homestay staff wishes a great New Year!

Remind the small things in life, always remember the walk slow, when everybody else around you is in a rush, kiss the people you love and do not forget to travel to broaden your horizon.

We wish you a happy New Year!

Lollis Homestay Staff