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October 12, 2015

Kunstautomat @ Lollis Homestay


Vielleicht habt Ihr den goldenen Automaten links neben unserer Eingangstür bereits bemerkt. Mit der sinkenden Zahl der Raucher und den damit verbundenen nun “nutzlosen” Automaten ist der Galerist Andreas Petze auf eine besondere Idee gekommen.

Aus den Kunstautomaten kann man kleine Kunstüberraschungen in Form von Bildern, Drucken, Objekten, Zeichnungen aber auch Literatur in Form von Lyrik, Prosa usw. erwerben.

Bei allen Kunstwerken handelt es sich um Einzelstücke oder sind Teil von limitierten Kleinstserien. Dabei entscheidet der Künstler was in die Packung kommt. Ob Malerei, Grafik, Skulptur, Foto oder Gedicht … entscheidend ist, dass es in der Schachtel Platz finden muss.

Klein und originell sind die Kunstbotschaften, die auf dem Weg zur Freundin als Liebesbotschaft, zum Geburtstag als Geschenk, zum Treffen als Mitbringsel oder einfach als Sammelobjekt für sich funktionieren.

In jedem gezogenen Kunstwerk liegt ein Beipackzettel, der einen kleinen Einblick in das Leben und Werk des Künstlers gibt.

So bekommt der Käufer den preiswertesten Zugang zur  Kunst und Literatur.

You might have stumbled across the cigarette machine right next to our entrance.

In times of declining smokers, there is a raising number of unused cigarette machines. Now Andreas Petze has a great idea how to use them instead.

You can buy little pieces of art, which fit a cigarette pack. There are pictures, prints, objects or lyric. All pieces are unique or are limited to enclosed series. Each artist decides what comes into the pack.

So if you need a love message for your girl/man, a quick present for a house warming party (perfect for our guest who are looking for shared apartments), or a little something which will always remind you of Dresden or Lollis Homestay Hostel.

With each piece of art, there will also be a little note, which gives you some information about the artist himself.

 Update: Justin was in need of a little unique pressie today! We wish him a great roadtrip

art machine


January 28, 2015

Airbrush art @ Lollis Homestay


Hey Guys,

at the moment we are delighted to accomodate a pretty cool artist!

You can meet Nikofor Kolevski on Prager Straße or in the evening hours here in our common room!

He uses spray cans with acrylic lacquer and different kinds of patterns.

At the end there are crazy cool cosmic landscapes! What do you think – give us your feedback!




August 18, 2013

Festival: Hechtfest – or the little sister of the BRN

You could translate Hechtfest with pike festival – but no, it’s not about eating pikes and who’s gonna catch the biggest fish from the Elbe. Hechtfest is simply a festival of a district in Dresden called Hechtviertel, which is only a 10-minute-walk away from our hostel, along the Hechtstraße, Rudolf- Leonard Straße and St Pauli Church,…. So instead of eating good smoked fish it is about music, arts, drinking beer, meeting people and having fun. Some people claim the Hechtfest to be the new BRN-festival (we have posted about it earlier this year) only a little smaller.

Anyways, the festival is taking place from August 23rd to August 25th in the Hechtviertel area. So come visit, get some funky souvenir at the little fleamarkets organised by families living in this area, join some concerts, see some art, take part in a football match, or visit the dog race. And the best ting about it: it’s all for free!

You can find more information and the whole programme on the website:
Unfortunately it’s all in German, but I’m sure you can click your way through it 😉



August 12, 2013

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Elionore von Spira @ 9:16 am

Palais Summer

The Palais Summer has started again. It is a cultural festival taking place in the park of Japanisches Palais in Dresden from August 1st to August 25th. The focus of this festival is on art connected to the awarding of the Canaletto award. But even if you say “I’ve visited the old masters gallery the whole day long – I cannot take anymore art”  you don’t need to worry. It’s not like that. There are some paintings of local artists exhibited somewhere at the side of the garden. What is much more interesting is the programme that is going on during these days. There are piano nights, audio drama nights, you can take part in some yoga courses (at various times during the day), watch movies or join some painting performances such as nude painting in the park – where else can you get this if not in Dresden?!

And what is best: all these events are for free! You can even get blankets or deck chairs there, in case it gets cold at night.

So why not spend a day or two in Dresden and visit the Palais Summer?!

On their website you can get more information and also find the whole programme:


January 7, 2012

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Lolli @ 6:02 pm

new small gallery in the Neustadt

Its only one window next to the street.  There will be a different exhibition every week.  For more and up to date info check out the blog of the „land on the sand“ – gallery.

To find the place, the easiest is to go on a Sunday to the vernisage, the meeting point will be the Artesian Well on Albertplatz at 7 pm.

This small 24 / 7 gallery opened on 01.01.2012 with the first opening.

The idea for this offer came up on a journey through Bohemia and the visit of Chezky Krumlov. Since 2010 already there is the „Stolen Gallery“ – the Ukradena Gallery.  You can find this also in five other cities across Europe,

It is a „project of experiential street art,“ where in urban areas a small wall board will be used as an exhibition space.

Every Sunday, the meeting point is on Albert Square – Artesian wells at 19:00 hours and have a tour for the vernissage and finissage of the „LandaufdemSand“ – Gallery .

It is planned to visit another gallery in Dresden Neustadt and the surrounding area.
Keep your fingers crossed, that the owner of the galleries open up the doors benevolently on Sunday evening.


December 19, 2009

Highlights of Dresden in 2010

DD Silhoette Abendhimmel

2010 will be a great year for Dresden again, especially for all aficionados of museums:

March 6th (probably):

Opening of the Turkish Chamber: The Royal Palace is restaurated and offers again after 60 years the Turkish Chamber. You can expect to see over 600 oriental exhibits on about 750m². “The main attractions will be the sumptuous Ottoman state tents and the extensive range of parade tack displayed on life-sized Arab stallions carved especially for the exhibition. In conjunction with chain mail, helmets, flags, weapons and robes, these textile treasures depict the fascination of the Saxon electors with Ottoman art and culture. Dresden’s collection of Ottoman and Oriental-style art is one of the biggest in Germany. Its largest piece alone – a 20-metre-long, eight-metre-wide and six-metre-high Ottoman state tent with magnificent appliqués in silk and gold leather – was extensively restored at a cost of over €3.6 million.” (

June 2010:

Reopening of the Albertinums: Since the big flood in 2002 the museum was closed and parts of the exhibition were displayed in other museums. The restauration and construction of the new foyer are supposed to finish now and therewith all the fantastic modern and contemporary master pieces of art from the 19th century to today will be hosted again in the Albertinum on the Brühlsche Terrasse.

End of 2010:

Opening of Historical Military Museum of the German Armed Forces


March 28, 2009

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betti @ 11:40 pm

A Summer Night full of Museums

Are you addicted to museums? Dresden offers you great museums – especially for art. Enjoy them all in one night at Dresden’s Museums Summer Night on 11 July 2009. All museums offer a fantastic supporting programme which ranges usually from belly dance over aphrodisiac cuisine to science shows.  One ticket counts for all museums all night long and there’s a shuttle service which brings you directly from museum to museum.