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November 13, 2011

Kategorie: Hostel Neuigkeiten, Neuigkeiten
Chrissy @ 3:49 pm

Our special in Advent: The One and Only Hostel Christmas Calendar

For All of You who are planning a trip to dresden in December: We are looking forwards to see you here. And for all of You who are not yet sure about a trip to Dresden in Advent: Don`t hesitate – come! You are more then welcome to stay with us.

„But… its christmas soon, and Advent is such a cosy atmosphere at home…“ ?

Don`t mind that – still come.

`Cause You don`t need to leave the advent atmosphere at home, You get it here as well. And This year You don`t even need to bring Your Christmas Calendar. We allready have one for You =)! Our new Special in Advent:


Actually its not even Lollis Calendar, but YOURS, for sure =)! Every day we are going to open a „window“ at the reception and every time a different guest is going to get surprised.

We`ll tell You soon enough how the Calendar is gonna work and where You gonna find it.

Just wait and see!




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