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February 8, 2017

Dresden Porcelain

Hello! This is my third day in Dresden and today I will write about Dresden Porcelain.

Meissen is a town 25km from Dresden. In Meissen most of Dresden’s Porcelain is produced, therefore it is called Meissen Porcelain. You can identify it as Meissen Porcelain by the trademark symbol- a blue crown.

Porcelain used to be made only in China and Japan, it was very expensive to import.  Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus first created porcelain in Europe, but Johann Friedrich Böttcher continued the industry after his death. Porcelain was often referred to as “white gold” because the import price was so expensive.

 The picture shows the Pfundsmolkerei– a dairy shop completely covered with beautiful porcelain tiles. 


 This is the Fürstenzug; it is made of  23000 Porcelain tiles! I saw it when I was in the Altstadt; the gold tiles are beautiful!

Today, i also saw ceramics in the Grünes Gerwölbe. They are antique and gorgeous!

Afterwards, i caught a tram back to the hostel and enjoyed a tasty free meal. 🙂

-Hetty Oldfield



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