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Offerte speciali

Offerte speciali

Cerchiamo sempre di offrirvi qualcosa di speciale.

In questa pagina troverete le nostre offerte speciali.

Se volete apporfittarne, allora mandateci una richiesta o specificatelo nella vostra prenotazione dicendoci di quale offerta volete usufruire.

* These specials are only valid with a booking via our Homepage and you should mention them with your booking! You can only use one special per booking.

Stay 4 – Pay 3 *

If you make a booking for 4 nights, we will give you the 4th night for free.

This special is valid only for booking in November, January and February.

Breakfast-Special *

If you make a booking for 3 nights, we will give you one Breakfast for free.

This special is valid only for bookings from November to March.

Hostel events

  • Sunday: free vegetarian dinner
  • Monday: barbecue | We have a hot grill and you bring your steak or cheese or veggie burger! (valid from April to October)
  • Tuesday: German lesson | Learn the german basics in just one hour! (valid from April to October)
  • Wednesday: free vegetarian dinner
  • Thursday: Nightwalk through the bar district for just 5 € per person (valid from April to October)
  • Saturday: Scenic Adventure Night Walk for 20 € per person

Play for Stay!

If you can entertain our guests for one hour, you can stay that night for free!

Phase Out Nuclear Energy! *

Send us credible proof that you use green energy without any atomic or coal-burning traces at home or at work. You'll recieve 10% off your stay. Now's the time to phase out nuclear energy! Persuade your friends and fellow travelers to do the same. Don't give another cent to the nuclear power lobby!

Le nostre offerte speciali cambiano in base alla stagione, Può essere utile controllare questa pagina per le offerte correnti, specialmente durante la bassa stagione.