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giants room | 4-bed room
giants room | 4-bed room

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Have you got questions regarding the hostel, arrival, booking or our offers? Here you will find the answers. If there are any questions left, then just give us a call: 0351-8108458 or send us an email: We reply fast, usually within the next hour or less.


Do you have rooms with ensuite bathrooms?

Sorry but we don't have rooms with private bathrooms.

The bathrooms and toilets are on each floor, and only a few steps away from your room. You will share them with other guests. They are, of course, getting cleaned every day.

Can I cook something in the hostel?

Yes, we do have a fully equipped guest kitchen, which you may use at any time.

It is equipped with an oven, microwave, water boiler, toaster etc, as well as with pots and pans, plates and cutlery. You can store your food in the fridge or in a separate basket.

Do you have Wifi?

We know you would rather survive without water then without WiFi.

Yes, we have free and fast Wifi everywhere in the building.

Do you really lend bicycles for free?

Yes. We believe bicycles are the perfect way to explore Dresden. We have some simple bicycles available, which you can use for free. Those are no fancy mountain bikes, some have no gear and we wouldn't recommend you do a long tour with them but they are good enough to get around in town with.

Can I make a reservation for a bicycle?

No. The bicycles are for free and we give them out for those who ask first. First come, first served. On warm summer days especially, the bicycles are usually gone early. If you want to play it safe, then you should rent a bicycle from a professional bicycle rental, e.g.

Should I bring my own bed sheets?

No, you do not have to. Generally, you must of course use bed linen for reasons of hygiene! However, this is already included in the price and you will get them from us on arrival to cover yourself. In the apartments the beds are already made.

Do you have lockers?

Each dormitory bed goes with its own locker.

The usage of the locker is free. You should use your own padlock or you can buy one (7€) at the reception. If you don't need the padlock after your stay, we will also buy it back from you for the same price.

Do you have TV?

Noooo! If you want to watch TV we're sure you will find a suitable hotel in Dresden.

Or maybe just stay at home.

Do you have a lift?

Times have changed, our guests arrive with huge suitcases and fewer with backpacks now.

But sorry, no, we do not have a lift. Please ask us for help if you can't carry your luggage upstairs.

Do you have non- smoking rooms?

Our whole hostel is a non-smoking area. Smoking is not allowed inside the hostel.

Smokers can smoke in front of the hostel. There is a bench and a roof and its quite cozy there. It's also a good place to meet the other smokers.

Do you have hot showers?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Yes. With unlimited hot water 24 hours a day.

Do you have hair dryers?

Yes. They are located in the bathrooms.

Do you have laundry service?

Yes. We do have a washing machine and a dryer.

Wash and dry costs 8€ (washing 4.00€ including detergent, drying 4.00€). Just give us your clothes, go and visit the town (or sleep overnight) and pick up your freshly washed things a couple of hours later.

Do you have bedding suitable for allergy sufferers ?

We have synthetic blankets and pillows without feathers .

Please let us know at the reception. If you need, we can change the blankets for you.

Is your hostel accessible for handicapped persons?

No, not really. We do not have a lift. Our rooms are upstairs (first to third floor). We would like to change that, but the structure of the building doesn’t allow changes. If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please let us know at

Do you have blankets?

Of course. And pillows. For hygienic reasons please always cover them before you sleep in the bed. You may bring your own linen or sleeping bag or rent bed linen for 2 € at the reception.


How likely am I to get a bed without a reservation?

We always keep some beds available for guests without a reservation or for those who want to extend their stay. So you should actually get a place on the spot.

But space is limited. In the summer season on weekends the demand is higher then on a January weekday. There are cancellations, so even last-minute beds can become available. The earlier you come, the better your chance will be but to make sure you will get a bed, give us a call 0351-8108458 or book through our website This is still possible until the last minute.

How do I make a booking with you?

The best way is to use our booking page You can make your reservation easily, quickly, uncomplicated, free and without a prepayment. In addition​​​ you have the full choice of all rooms and definitely the best price.

You can also use the booking websites, like or Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, Expedia etc. Those portals don't work for free, they are taking a commission of 10-15%. Because of this the price for the same room/bed will be that very amount of 10-15% higher then for a direct booking with us.

How can I cancel my reservation?

It depends how you made your reservation. If you booked through an external web service, e.g., Hostelworld, then you should also cancel through this web page.

If you booked directly with us, then you should als cancel directly with us. Thats easy: Just send us a message: We will confirm your cancellation via e-mail, then your reservation will be cancelled definitely.

I booked via Hostelworld/ and I need to cancel my reservation. How do I do that?

You will have to cancel through the web page or service provider which you used to make your reservation. Use your confimation number as a reference. You should find a cancellation link or a hint of how to cancel in the confirmation e-mail of your booking agent.

This might appear inconvenient, but we can not change this. You made a contract with this web pages and we are not allowed to cancel your contract with them. Your booking would not become void, just because we cancel it, it would still exist. We would still have to pay the commission to the booking agent, which means we would still have to charge you the cancellation fees.

How much does a cancellation cost?

Nothing if you cancel in time. Generally you can make a free cancellation as many days in advance as your booking lasts. Minimum period is 2 days(48 hours) before arrival. If you cancel too late or not at all, then we will charge you the full accomodation fees, but no bed linen or breakfast.

This applies only for those rooms or beds, which we can not rent to other guest. So its reasonable to let us know your cancellation as early as possible, even if it is too late for a free cancellation. You will increase the chance that we can sell your beds to someone else and you don't have to pay for it.

If you booked for 3 nights, then you should cancel 3 days (72 hours) before, for 4 nights you should cancel 4 days (48 hours) before arrival. If you want to stay 2 or 1 nights, then you should cancel at least 2 days (48 hours) before arrival.

Why should I pay even if I didn't stay in your hostel?

We make a reservation and we keep this bed available for you. This means we decline other peoples request for your bed/room so we can provide you with a bed for your stay.

We believe it is fair if you tell us if you don't need the bed anymore. Because only then we can give it to someone else. Travelling should be spontaneous and free. That's why we understand the need for short term notice for changes of plans and that's why we have very short cancellation periods for free cancellations. But we can not survive and manage the hostel if we keep beds available for people who will never show up. Then the beds stays empty. We performed a service, we kept the bed for you and declined other interested guests.

Why can't I book a double room on weekends for only 1 night?

On weekend days we generally have a minimum stay of 2 nights in private rooms.

On special days (e.g; Eastern, Pentecost, Ascension Day, Chrismas, New Years Eve etc.) we may have a minimum stay of 3 nights or more.

If you are not sure whether a minimum stay is set or not, just give us a call (0351-8108458) or send us a message:


How much does it cost?

Our prices vary from day to day, depending on season and request. For example a bed in a 8-bed dormitory costs 16 - 23€, a bed in a 4-bed room costs 20 - 30€, a double room costs 48 - 100€.

To see our prices for your travel dates, please check the prices on our booking page

Are there any more (hidden) costs then the accomodation price?

We don't have any hidden costs, but there are some extra fees, which we calculate depending on the usage. Those are:

  • 6% lodging tax of the city of Dresden (This is not yet included in the price information, as guests under 18 years of age, trainees under 27 years of age with proof of the educational institution, as well as severely disabled persons and their companions are exempt from this tax. )
  • 2.00€ or 3.00€ for a small or a big towel (or just use your own)
  • 9.50€ breakfast (or just help yourself in our fully equipped guest kitchen)

Additionally, we will ask you for a key deposit of 10 €. You will get it back when you return your key at check-out.

How much is the lodging tax in Dresden?

Accommodation tax is 6% of the amount owed for each individual overnight stay.

In other words, if you stay two nights for 19€ each, that would be a total of 38€. So you have to pay a bed tax of 2,28€.
The costs for breakfast are not included in the accommodation costs.

The following are not taxed:

  • children up to the age of majority
  • disabled persons and an accompanying person
  • Trainees up to 27 years with proof of educational institution

Detailed description can be found here:

Do you offer a discount for children?

We charge per bed. So you will have to pay the normal price for every occupied bed. There is no extra discount for children.

However, if your child is very small and can sleep with you in one bed so they don't need their own, they can stay for free.

Can I stay for free?

Yes. We are looking for volunteers, who want to stay for at least 2 months. Your task will be looking after guest and some other easy help in the hostel (max. 5h per day).

Moreover we offer free accomodation if you can entertain our guest for one hour, whether it be playing music, doing magic tricks or a yoga session: “Play for Stay”. Please contact Martin about it.

Do you give any discounts?

Yes, several. You could get a 10% discount with a valid ISIC-card or with the European Youth Card (EYCA)!

But this only applies for direct bookings with us, made through our web page, at reception or via phone.

At you will find the current discounts we offer for direct bookings through our website.

Is there any discount for long term bookings?

Since we are a backpacker hostel, we specialise in short term visits.

So you cannot get any discount for long term stays.


Where is the hostel located?

The hostel is located right in the district called "Neustadt" (new town), which is Dresden's trendy area. Here you will find many pubs, clubs and small shops. It's 4 tram stops away from the historic down town, the closest train station (Dresden Neustadt) is about 20 min walking distance. To get to the main train station it's about 30 min by tram.

In Dresden, the downtown is not one compact area like in many other towns. On an axis from South to North, first after the main train station comes the shopping area, then the historic baroque downtown followed on the other side of the river by the "new town", where it's particulary lively in the evenings.

New town? Sounds like a development area.

Wrong! We call the "Neustadt" - "new town" because it has been built on the other side of the river about 200 years ago, because the former down town became to small. Many buildings are actually older then in the rebuilt "old town". Today our "new town" is one of the biggest coherent Gründerzeit quarters in Europe, with a likeable mix of residents from students to families, a functioning infrastructure with many small shops, many pubs and clubs and streetart everywhere. To put it simply: Dresden's hotspot. Read more background information about the Neustadt.

Is it loud in the nights?

Not really. We don't get many complaints but there is a tram line running in front of our building and there are many pubs in immediate area.

You will stay right in Dresden's trendy district, on our intersection you will find four bars in four corners. If in summer many people are around outside and if you want to leave your window open in a warm night, then you will hear other people.

How long do I need to get to the next train station?

The closest train station is "Dresden-Neustadt", all trains stop here from and to Leipzig/Frankfurt and Görlitz, as well as the S-Bahn. Its about 15-20 min walking distance there, or 4 stops by tram with one change.

The main train station "Dresden-Hauptbahnhof" is about 30 min away. It would be best to catch the tram line 7 or 8, they take 15-18 min and you will have a short distance to walk.

All info about arrival you will find here:

How far is it to the next tram line?

Many tram lines run in immediate proximity.

The next tram stop is about 150m, approx. 2 min away from the hostel (line 13). The lines 7 and 8 are approx. 550m away, ca. 7 min walking. Line 6 is about 750m away, approx. 9 min walking and line 3 stops about 1km away, approx. 13 min walking distance from the hostel.

How do I get to the Saxon Switzerland National Park?

It is very easy and convenient. There is a train (S1, direction “Schöna” or “Bad Schandau”) every half an hour from the “Bischofsplatz Station” or from the “Neustadt Train Station”

Both stations are 10 minutes walking distance from the Hostel or it's 2 stops with tram 13 there (same ticket anyway).


Do you offer breakfast?

We offer a vegetarian all-you-can-eat breakfast for €9.50 per person. You get freshly baked rolls, bread from the "Herrlich Brot" bakery, eggs, apples from the local market, muesli, milk, organic yoghurt, vegan soy milk, orange juice, honey, jam and chocolate spread, sliced cheese, cream cheese, various types of soft cheese, vegan spreads and vegan sausage, tomatoes and gherkins from the local market. There is unlimited coffee and tea.

Can I get to know other people in the hostel?

Yes! We think it is very important to make it easy to get in touch with your fellow travellers. Thats why we organise an event almost daily to make it easier for you to put your mobile in your pocket and to get to know the other guests and even make new friends.

In the summer season (April to October) we offer a guided evening tour through our quarter (with stops in some pubs, 6 € per person, 3 small drinks included), every Wednesday and Sunday evening we host a free vegetarian dinner, on Tuesdays we run a free one hour workshop to teach you some basic German language skills and on Mondays we do a BBQ together (please bring your own meat or veggies).

In the winter season (November to March) we host a free vegetarian dinner every Wednesday and Sunday, a Games evening on Monday and on Tuesday we run an evening with free mulled wine.

Apart from that its always possible that a small kitchen concert may take place and we occasionally organise trips or hikes to some beautiful places in the surroundings.

What are the opening times of the reception?

From April to October (summer season) the reception is open around the clock.

From November to March (winter season) the reception is open from 7:00 - 23:00 (7am to 11pm). You will get a key which will allow you 24hours access to the hostel.

Can you wake me up in the morning?

No, we do not do that but we do have free alarm clocks at the reception.

We did it in the past. Everybody woke up, except the person who wanted to be woken up.

Can I request a particular bunk bed?

We don't make reservations for a specific bed in the rooms.

You can only take your beds upon arrival. So the early birds will have the first choice.

Can I print out my bus ticket?

Of course.

If you need to print out a ticket or something similar, we will be happy to do it for you. Just send us your file with an e-mail to when you are here and we will print it at reception. We'll ask you for 10 cent per page.

I am searching a flat in Dresden, can you help me?

Yes, you are very welcome! We have info about the most important providers, newspapers and internet portals.

Just ask at the reception, we have a print out with helpful information. We have free Wifi for your research as well as free laptops to rent.

Do you have guide books?

Yes, we have a collection of guides books about Dresden.

You can rent them for free at the reception! We have books in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Do you have maps?

Yes, we have a good selection of maps. Obviously, we have some for the national park "Saxon Switzerland" nearby and for Dresden, but also for other areas around Dresden.

You can rent them for free, just ask at reception.

Can I drink alcohol inside the hostel?

Yes, no problem. You can drink your own beverages or you can buy local beer, wine and even soft drinks at the reception.

Arrival and Departure

When can I occupy my room?

Our rooms are ready to move in at 14:00 (2pm) at the latest.

One exception is our apartments. They will be ready in the summer season from around 16:00 and in the winter season usually earlier. Please just ask on arrival, it is sometimes possible you can move in earlier, e.g. if the room wasn't occupied the night before or we finished cleaning earlier.

Can I check in earlier?

If rooms are free and clean you can move in earlier but we cannot promise this.

Our normal check-in time starts at 14:00 (2pm) due to our late and long-sleep-friendly check out time (12:00, noon) and after that you need to give us some time to clean the rooms. If the room is not ready yet, you can stash your luggage here and wait in our cosy common room (helping yourself to free tea and coffee and use our free WiFi) or you can go out and explore the town then come back later.

When is your Check-out time?

You should leave the room until 12:00 (noon) at the latest. Our apartments have a slightly later check-out time of 13:00 (1pm).

There will be other guests coming and before they can move in their room, we have to clean it. They don't want to wait until the evening before the room gets ready to move in, so you will have to leave the room sometime. If you want to take advantage of the day in Dresden, you can store your bags save and for free in our hostel and pick them up later.

When is your reception open in the winter time?

The opening times of our reception in the winter season from November to March is from 7.00 - 23:00 (7am to 11pm).

We would like to ask you to check in in this time. If thats not possible, please tell us timely, so we can organize a night Check-In for you.

How do I get in in the night?

You will get a key on arrival, with which you will have access anytime to the hostel.

From November to March you should check-in and get your key until 23:00 (11pm), because we will close reception after this time. From April to October (summer season) you can get in anytime, because the reception will be manned around the clock.

Can I store my luggage after Check-out?

Yes, no problem. It's free and we have some lockable compartments for your bags and packs.

Where can I park my car?

You can park on the roadside in the area for €12/day, €2.40/hour. Or in a parking garage about 300m away on Kamenzer Straße for €1/hour.

Parking can be a little more difficult, especially in the evening, but usually works with a little searching. We recommend not overlooking the parking ticket machines! They are checked. You can get change in the form of suitable coins from us. The still quite moderate fee applies on all weekdays between 9 am and midnight. Parking time 1 hour 2.40 €, daily rate 12 €. Alternatively, there is a parking garage at Kamenzer Strasse 26, just around the corner. Every hour or part thereof costs €1 and it is about 5 minutes from the hostel. There is another, slightly cheaper parking garage at Bautzner Str. 29, where 1 day costs €4. Alternatively, there is a “Park + Ride” right next to the highway exit Dresden - Neustadt, which is free of charge. From there you could take streetcar line 13 (direction Prohlis) to the hostel (stop “Alaunplatz”, approx. 30 minutes total walk).


Can I bring a dog?

Dogs are allowed, as long as they are nice and as long as you booked a private room. Dogs are not allowed in dormitory rooms.

Your dog shouldn't disturb other guests, this means no noise, not smelling and it shouldn't be dangerous. Please bring a blanket or some other kind of bedding. Bringing a dog doesn’t cost extra.

Can I work in your hostel?

Our receptionists should live in Dresden and should be very well versed locally. We are looking exclusively for collegues, who want to work with us preferably for many years, because our reception work needs a lot of practice and experience.

We always search for volunteers for a few months (around 4 hours working time per day). You can sleep and eat here for free. Are you good at entertaining other travellers? Do you like to cook, do a pub crawl or maybe even a city tour? Please contact

How much does a tram ticket cost?

A ticket for one hour for an adult for all means of public transportation in Dresden costs 2.40€.

If you are two persons and you plan to travel at least twice per day together by public transportation, then its worth considering a family day pass for 9€. More info can you find here:


What should I do in Dresden?

There are plenty of things to do in Dresden. We have a huge bar scene, good parties and concerts, a beautiful baroque Old Town, a stunning National Park near by and beautiful castles and fortresses, but also world famous museums. You can go shopping, climbing and hiking and much more!

Please ask our professionals at reception for a personal recommendation. We will try to work out some proposals according to your interests or wishes.

Is there any free tour in Dresden?

Yes, on Tuesday and Thursday we have a free tour starting at the Hostel with our Tour guide Clara at 10am.

Also there is another tour every Saturday (English, German, Spanish) at 2pm. But remember, it is tip based! You will meet in front of the “Frauenkirche” (Church of our Lady).

Check out their website for detailed information:

Is there any pub crawl in Dresden?

Yes! However, it's not a bender like you may be used to from Berlin or Barcelona. It's more like a cultural tour through our trendy night life district with lots of info about the interesting history of the quarter.

The tour costs 15€ minus 23% Lollis Homestay rebate = 11.55€. Please ask at reception. The tour takes 2-3 hours, 3 small drinks are included, more beverages can always be ordered in the bars on your way. The regular meeting point is on "Albertplatz", ca. 10min walking distance from the hostel.

On Thursday we have a very favourable offer: Then this tour can be booked as part of the hostel activities for only 6€ per person (incl. three shots). Danilo, the tour guide, will pick you up at the hostel. Please register before 20:00 (8pm) at reception.

Is there a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. tour in Dresden?

Yes there is a tour for 13.50 € per person:

We can make a reservation for you at the reception. With us you can get a 23 % Lollis Homestay discount for the tour.

Is Dresden safe?

Generally yes. As in every touristy city, there are pickpockets (Christmas Markets, New Town and Old Town). You should also avoid drunken people in big groups. Sometimes they party too much. We also do not recommend to walk through parks alone during night time and to leave your personal stuff unattended in bars/clubs or in the city.

Your Question?!

Optional. But quite meaningful if you want to get an answer.

You have more questions? Please contact us: