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Oktober 26, 2008

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marc @ 5:49 am

Backpacker’s Guide to the Galaxy … or How to seperate rubbish

Dear traveller.

Apart from the fact that we are exploring the moon, the mars and in close future the outer space to gain knowledge weather it’s healthy or at least possible to live anywhere else.

As far as I know there is no planet near earth which is even similar to our planet earth. Even though we do find a planet which offers living conditions close to ours there is no guarantee that the inhabitants (could be not real civilized monkeys or far more developed creatures which might not be too amused about visitors) will welcome us with a warm smile and hug. It even could be that the same evolution took place over there like on our planet. In case of this I bet that they either learned to deal with rubbish and environmental protection (in this case they are far more developed than we are) or they do have the same problem what we do have. Either way I bet they definetly wont welcome us with Cheers & Flowers.

To summarize our situation short and easy: we will live on this planet for longer!!! So we actually do need to act so that it’ll stay as beautifull as it is nowadays.

You don’t need to get a membership at Greenpeace or sitting on a small boat freezing your toes off while chasing a Whalefleet (actually would they dare to aim on your little boat with their harpoon???). You don’t need travell to the amazonas to protect trees with your life.

No it’s so easy you wouldn’t believe it!!! Just seperate your rubbish!!!!

Nearly all Hostels are equiped with seperated rubbish containers (Yes believe it!!) and if they are good they even marked what is supposed to get in there … Yes you don’t even have to guess!!!

Only by this little bit you do alot for our nature and even for the Receptionist!!!

Why the Receptionist??? I guess you actually like the Receptionist! He/She is always funny, friendly, smiling, well dressed and will help you with all your needs as good as he/she can. To preserve the poor guy/girl from going through the rubbish just because some backpackers haven’t heard anything from seperating rubbish – just do it. Only that way he/she always will be motivated, friendly and will be happy to sort you out. So it’s in your hands!!!

Just one more example how it’s not supposed to be done: NAPLES (for the germans – Neapel)           Just go and read the news. The city is just choking on rubbish.

So again: There wont be another planet to live on in close future. Preserve and care for the one you have! And please make our life a bit easier and do seperate your rubbish!!!!


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  1. 1

    Naples is definitely a shock, I have been there last spring… it is unbelievable, how this could ever happen (the centre is clean and beautiful of course, anyway Naples has a very impressionable architecture). But it is not only Naples, the waste is disseminated around the city, means around Mount Vesuvius, Pompeji included. And the inhabitants have to live in there.
    I was also in the Himalaja. It is wonderful to see the snow blowing from a 6 thousand metres high mountain, the light, the air… That beats everything!
    So much the worse, if you take a look in another direction seeing the hole hillside overcrowded by waste sliding down the mountain many hundreds of metres.
    And that is even not all what goes wrong on this planet…
    Greetings to all warriors of light 😉

    Kommentar von Jule — Oktober 26, 2008 @ 10:38 am

  2. 2

    Did anyone of you see how fast snow can turn into black mudd? It takes around one day if you’re in krakow.
    Don’t get me wrong…I really do love Poland and especially Krakow! The winter is – if it is a real winter – the most beautiful season. But because the town is so closly situated to the silesian cole mines, it is dirty everywhere.
    The people must have lung diseases or the are so much used to it, that it’s just the normal way for them. I know, that I needed several weeks to get used to the „normal“ pollution caused by the traffic etc. And the people in Dresden think the cars here are bad.
    But Ok, never compare with worse things…

    The only question I have at last: How is it possible that polish girl are always wearing such clean white clothes?

    Kommentar von jenny — Oktober 31, 2008 @ 11:31 am

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