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Januar 17, 2009

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betti @ 11:58 am

Elton John in front of the opera house

Elton will give a concert on 3 July in Dresden on the Theaterplatz which means that the location is perfect. Open Air and in front of the famous Semper opera. A summer highlight for all Elton fans. The low cost seats cost around 56€, for the upper class up to 119,50€.

If you don’t have the money, you can also take a free seat on the staircase of the Brühlsche Terrasse. Maybe you won’t see a lot, but at least you can hear something. And believe me, you won’t be alone there.


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    […] de Elton John e letra de Bernie Taupin. É uma declaração de amor às mulheres russas …Hostel Lollis Homestay Blog » Elton John in front of the opera …Dresden hostels in Dresden youth hostel Dresden: Lollis Homestay – Your hostel in Dresden, Germany. […]

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    Albeit all praise, the show Elton put in the Sadledome last night was perhaps one of the worst I have been to for many years. Yes, he performed hit songs we expected, but with orchestration ostensibly designed to conceal the vocal; the echo effect constantly interfering with the overall 6-piece band’s harmony bringing the sound to a medium soupy mix. Just by closing eyes, we would have easily been sitting at a second-class restaurant with a life performance offering bearable imitations of Elton’s music. Strangely, but true: Elton sacrificed sound perfection to concealing his vocal deficiencies; a voice desperately struggling to emerge from under drowning it bass abys.

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