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Januar 6, 2010

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betti @ 5:40 pm

Jule Pule(s) Saxonian.

Born and raised in Dresden she speaks the Saxonian dialect fluently and openly (Pule is just a senseless German rhyme of her nickname), but nevertheless she’s a smart and marvellous girl working at our reception.

Get her answers to very important questions of life and society here:

didn’t move to another city because: Dresden is the most beautiful and relaxed city in Germany , but maybe in future, who knows, I am moving to a warmer country ;-)

favorite museum/gallery: exhibitions in the Lipsiusbau (modern art), green vaults (everything which is blinking and twinkling), old masters gallery

favorite room in our hostel: religions room

favorite free dinner dish: leek cream soup

speaks: Saxonian, German, English, understands French

loves: chocolate (and all kind of good food in general), travelling, rock climbing, electronic and hippie music, art, books, films, cooking…

doesn’t love: Joe, winter, politicians,…

travelled through: Norway by bike  (2001),  hiking through India  (2006), trekking through Italy & Greece (2008), Paris (2009)

wants to see as well: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand (is planed for 2010)