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Juli 5, 2010

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Lolli @ 3:19 am

Nightwalk in the Neustadt area

Every Thursday we have a special offer for our guests: The Dresden Nightwalk is a guided tour of our multicultural area and cultural centre of Dresden.  Instead of the normal fee of 13 € we subsidise the tour, so it costs only 5 € per person, including 3 free welcome drinks at different bars or pubs.

This is not a drinking tour, its more a tour which explains about this area, its history and how it developed to what it is today.  You will get to know about the BRN (Bunte Republik Neustadt – colorful republic of Neustadt), the biggest street festival in this area, why people wanted to found an own independent republic here.  You will hear the stories of some famous pubs, you will find out what makes the „Neustadt“ so different from the rest of Dresden.  Can you imagine the big green park nearby where nowadays people hang out used to be a drill ground?
The Neustadt has over 130 bars, clubs, restaurants etc. all in a small area and every one has its story.  You will probably spot some of the characters of the quarter and next day you will be a bit more one of the „Neustädter“, the people who live here.

The Neustadt – neighborhood is best experienced at night – and the Nightwalk is the best and easiest way to do it.  No reservation is necessary, just stay with us on a Thursday night and join the tour after our free dinner.

Dresden Nightwalk