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Chrismas eve in our hostel

What's up in Lollis Homestay for Chrismas? We invite you to a big dinner together with all other guests.

We know many people, especially foreign students, use the Chrismas holiday for some travelling and thats indeed a great idea. Your fellow German friends go home visiting family, so why not using the free days to get to see something of Germany? And Dresden is indeed a beautiful town in winter and except December 24th most museum and sights will be open.

Chrismas is celebrated on December 24th in Germany. Thats the evening when Santa Claus comes and brings the presents for children and adults alike. This evening is kind of dead in the public. After 16:00 all shops close at the latest, most already a 14:00 or some even 12:00 already. Restaurants, bars, clubs will not open before 22:00, if at all. Museums are closed, ist really quiet on the streets. We call it the "holy evening".

At the hostel we prepare a great Chrismas dinner for all guests. We will cook something very typical, so you can get an impression of a German Chrismas meal. We will only ask for a few Euro, so we can share the costs for the ingredients. We will have some hot Glühwein (mulled wine) together and spend the evening together with many nationalities. This will be a wonderful international Chrismas evening, as every year.

You are very welcome to spend Chrismas with us. Book now for December 24th and the days around to join our casual Chrismas party!

See how we decorated our place this year:

Romy und Weihnachtsdeko am Tresen Fensterbrett Common Room Pflanze mit Lichterkette Schippsbogen auf dem Tresen

04.12.2017, 16:33 @ Michael Lottes
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