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Lilienstein: a 360° panoramic view over the Saxon Switzerland and the Elbe Valley

From the top of Lilienstein, one is able to spot the many wonders of this amazing natural area. The common thread running through all this is the river Elbe, whose curves gently mark such a varied landscape.

Located about 45 minutes by train (plus an hour and a half hike) from our hostel, Lilienstein is one of the most fascinating mountains in Saxon Switzerland. It is a massive 415m-high rocky hill with a summit as flat as a board.

Its special feature is that it offers an all-round panoramic view of the valley of the River Elbe, which makes a 180° bend around the mountain, and of the nature park and other headlands.

After an hour and a half's medium-easy ascent from the village of Koenigstein, the most spectacular part of the hike will be the stay on the summit, which offers so many views and panoramas that you could literally spend hours there.

From the top, one is actually able to spot the Schrammsteine rock formation and the village of Bad Schandau on the eastern side, the village and the fortress of Koenigstein on the southern side, the village of Rathen and part of the famous Bastei rock formation on the north-west side and the fields, forests and rocky promontories of the nature park on the northern side. The common thread running through all this is the River Elbe, whose curves gently mark such a varied landscape.

Even the famous Augustus the Strong, Saxon Elector and King of Poland, climbed the hill in 1708. Today, a 16-metre-high obelisk on the summit commemorates his visit.

The Lilienstein summit is also a perfect place for snacks and get-togethers between experienced hikers, relaxed walkers and climbers who, although they have reached the top by different routes, all like to meet up at the lovely Felsbaude beer garden on the summit. In summer there is even a small swimming pool, ideal for cooling off and enjoying the view after the ascent.

Autumn is just around the corner and although the swimming pool isl no longer be available at the moment, please don't miss out on this excursion and enjoy the autumn colours to their fullest, in the magnificent setting of Saxon Switzerland.

08.10.2021, 08:43 @ Margherita
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