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Warfare shaping History: discover the Militärhistorisches Museum in Dresden

Our volunteer Robert has visited the Museum of Military History in Dresden and describes his experience through some powerful words and images.

Today I visited the Militärhistorisches Museum or Museum of Military History in Dresden.

I have always loved history, and, undeniably, military action and warfare as a way of shaping history.

The exhibits in the museum are focused around two main ideas: the history of the German military and their technology, as well as how people are affected by the causes and consequences of war and violence.

The architecture of the museum is incredibly striking. The new building cuts through the historic arsenal like a wedge and it becomes an instrument of violence, symbolic of war and pain.

The interior and layout of the museum is also very well composed. Each scene plays into the central theme of the exhibit nicely and it's easy to find yourself immersed in the story being told by the artifacts.

When in Dresden, the Museum of Military History is a must!

Opening hours: 10-18 h every day except Wednesdays
Last admission: 30 minutes before closing time
Last ticket sale: 60 minutes before closing time

Permanent exhibition: regular: 5 €, reduced: 3 €
Special exhibition: regular: 5 €, reduced: 3 €
Combined ticket: regular: 7 €, reduced: 5 €

20.08.2021, 14:03 @ Robert Morgan
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