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Lollis Homestay – Hostel BLOG

September 25, 2011

new Hostel event plan

Hey fellows! Great you spend time with us! We like to have many beautiful and colourful people here in Lollis, who have positive fun and action! Anyway here is our new event plan to help you to feel duly arrived in Germany:

Monday: BARBECUE with Zeli from Prague around 7pm in front of Lollis. Just bring a peace of meat or your zucchini and we do the rest!

Tuesday: FREE GERMAN LESSON with Gina from Florida. Gina helps you to survive your trip in Germany. Learn how to order sausages, potato salad or sauerkraut! Don’t worry you can also learn some helpful phrases, just  aks her. Start around 7pm.

Wednesday: FREE DINNER with Zeli. She always cooks very delicious and veggie czech food around 7:30pm. First come, first served!

Thursday: NIGHTWALK with Danilo at 9pm, starting right from Lollis. Danilo is a real Dresdener, who has a 2 hours walk in our colourful and artisty quarter with you. He tells you the most important facts about the „Neustadt“, shows you some interesting curiosities and funky backyards. You will get one shot on the way and 2 welcome drinks in two different bars, where you have the chance to get to know some other guests while taking a rest (only for 5 € per person, drinks inclusive).

Friday & Saturday: Now that you know so many new people and the quarter, we thought you might want to go with them in one of the around 200 pubs or clubs here!

Sunday: FREE DINNER with Pranav from Mumbai. Time to say good bye to your new made friends or to decide to stay one more week! Pranav pleases you with his hot indian dish…but sometimes he even tries to cook italien spaghettis. If you wanna know, how this tastes, you’re cordially invited around 7:30pm.