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Januar 8, 2009

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betti @ 10:07 pm

How does it feel? -18.7°F / – 28°C in Dresden

It’s not that unusual as it sounds, but I think a lot of people wouldn’t expect that from Dresden. We are not in the middle of Russia, but as well here we have a continental influence of the climate. Therefore the very east of Germany has hotter and dryer summers than anywhere else in the republic and the winters are usually longer and colder.

The last two winters were no winters. We had no minus degrees and there was nearly no snow. So everybody is really happy to have strong winter. There’s so much snow!! Unbelievable that each snow flake has another form!!

Believe me or not but this cold temperatures put people into good humour. It’s really an event. And it’s fun too: Wearing lots of warm socks, funny caps, sliding on the pavement (un)intentionally. There are tons of snow men in the Great Garden and the Elbe meadows. Some people also use them for ski touring. In the tram you hear people talking about the coldness, but in a positive exciting way.

There are absolutely no bad spirits and no way for a winter blues.

And last Sunday I myself throw my first snowball and hit Lolli on the back : ) gotcha!