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Januar 11, 2010

Top 5 Winter Highlights in Dresden

1. This makes Dresden the best city destination for Winter: Do it like the locals! Cross country skiing along the river. Dresden has ideal big meadows to go on safely. You can do a tour example from the downtown area to the Blue Wonder Bridge or if you are in good condition: unto the castle of Pillnitz.It won’t look touristy, cause many Dresdner go by ski to work due to the bicycle paths are not free along the river.

2. Spend warming hours in Dresden’s splendid art museums! It’s low season and you don’t need to queue a lot for entrance tickets.You have free sight on to Rafael’s „Sistine Madonna“ (Yes, this painting hangs in Dresden!) and on all the other Rembrandts, Vermeers and Rubens, too.

3. Charge your fat reserves for the cold weather in the Chocolate bar (Schokoladenbar in German): Thick hot flavoured very yummy yummy chocolate and fat chocolate cakes, pralinées and muffins are available. Also if you love the new exotic variations you’ll find something too: chilis and peppers, for example.

4. Sledding down the hills: Do it like the little locals. Take a sledge and walk up the hills to dash down rapidly. Do it like the little locals pt.II: Scream: „Bahn frei, Kartoffelbrei!“ on your way down. In English: Clear the way, mashed potatoes!

5. Private student parties everywhere!! In the cold winter season , short time before the exams start, students die for everything that is a distraction from learning. If you bring your own beer, nobody will kick you out. It’s quiet normal to do not know the host of the party here. How do find out about a student party? Ask us!

November 26, 2009

New special offers for the winter season

The winter is not only a hard time according the temperatures and mostly the mood, but also for the piggy bank. End of the year means mostly end in the purse. Life on a shoe string starts. If you’re broke have a look at our new special offers:

  • Combine a stay with a guided walking tour and experience the night life of Dresden or get to know the background of Kurt Vonnegut’s  Slaughterhouse 5 for a moderate priceSemperoper mit Schnee
  • Use the X-mas market special and get breakfast and bed linen for free
  • Take the Regio Card Special and you will save money double: Free rides with the public transport plus free or reduced entrance to all the great museums, not only in Dresden, but also in the complete region (Meißen, Moritzburg, Saxon Switzerland).
  • The lucky dip in January and February: draw a lot and win discounts for your stay on accommodation, free internet time, bed sheets and breakfast.

Take a closer look here

Januar 8, 2009

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betti @ 10:07 pm

How does it feel? -18.7°F / – 28°C in Dresden

It’s not that unusual as it sounds, but I think a lot of people wouldn’t expect that from Dresden. We are not in the middle of Russia, but as well here we have a continental influence of the climate. Therefore the very east of Germany has hotter and dryer summers than anywhere else in the republic and the winters are usually longer and colder.

The last two winters were no winters. We had no minus degrees and there was nearly no snow. So everybody is really happy to have strong winter. There’s so much snow!! Unbelievable that each snow flake has another form!!

Believe me or not but this cold temperatures put people into good humour. It’s really an event. And it’s fun too: Wearing lots of warm socks, funny caps, sliding on the pavement (un)intentionally. There are tons of snow men in the Great Garden and the Elbe meadows. Some people also use them for ski touring. In the tram you hear people talking about the coldness, but in a positive exciting way.

There are absolutely no bad spirits and no way for a winter blues.

And last Sunday I myself throw my first snowball and hit Lolli on the back : ) gotcha!

Oktober 19, 2008

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Lolli @ 1:34 pm

cheap winter prices coming

Bad news: Its getting colder, grey days, trees without leafs, cloudy, rainy.  Is this a good reason not to travel to Dresden?  No, because there are still so many things to do in winter.  Museums are open, its less crowded in town, no queues at the sights.  And even more important:  Winter time is the time for concerts and clubs.  And:

Good news: From November the prices go down.  Most of our beds are 2-3 Euro cheaper until March then in the summer time.  A big single room costs now even only 27 € instead of 37 €!


Schlechte Nachricht: Es wird immer kälter, graue Tage, kahle Bäume, bewölkt, regnerisch.  Soll das eine gute Zeit sein nach Dresden zu reisen?  Ja, weil es immer noch so viel zu erleben gibt.  Alle Museen sind offen, es gibt viel weniger Touristen, keine Schlangen an den Sehenswürdigkeiten.  Und noch viel wichtiger:  Der Winter ist Club- und Konzertsaison.  Und:

Gute Nachricht: Ab November gelten die günstigen Winterpreise.  Die meisten unserer Betten sind bis Ende März 2-3 Euro günstiger als im Sommer.  Ein großes Einzelzimmer kostet gar statt 37 € jetzt nur noch 27 €!