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Lollis little Pub Guide

Have you been hiking all day in Saxon Switzerland? Did you check out the cultural highlights of Dresden, from A for Albertinum to Z for Zwinger? Do your feet smoke and your throats burn? High time for a cool beer! Our little pub guide will help you find your way around the wild pub jungle.

The Dresden Neustadt is known as THE scene and pub district par excellence. The pubs crowd close together and vie for the attention of the night owls. In view of the almost infinite options, you can quickly lose track of things. There are cocktail bars, beer gardens, punk sheds, cosy corner pubs, large shops, small shops, roof terraces, wine cellars, and and and...
But don't worry, with the help of this well-curated pub guide we'll take you by the hand and show you our favorite places.

You just feel like a beer without a lot of chichi and cocktails with colorful umbrellas are not your thing? Then the following pubs might be just the thing for you: nice little punke joints with loud music, beer and a nonconformist audience:

Pawlow (3)
This pub offers everything a punk's heart desires. From the boxes, snotty music is whining, over the bar, cool Sterni wanders, smoking is allowed, bawling to the music is allowed and in the basement you can play table football to your heart's content. This shop is rough-legged, but warm-hearted, true to the motto: The most beautiful place is still the one at the bar.
And best of all, it's right next to the Lollis Homestay! The way home will be a piece of cake.

Trotzdem (4)
Dimmed light, impressive candle wax sculptures entwined around old wine bottles, thick old wooden tables, slightly worn sofas, cigarette smoke, loud music of a harder pace and 'Trotzdem' (german for: nevertheless) one of the most beautiful pubs in New Town.

Heartbreak (22)
Strictly speaking, the Heartbreak is no longer located in the New Town, but in the neighboring, equally beautiful Hechtviertel. Although still relatively young, the pub is very popular with the local public. In the backyard, small concerts take place regularly in summer, by friends, for friends, just for the fun of it.

Apropos music - in the next 4 restaurants on our list, there is not only something for the throats, but also for the ears:

Ostpol (12)
Front pub, rear concert hall or optional dance hall, this is the Ostpol. From Psychedlic and Stoner Rock, to Punk to Indie and Sixties, here everyone gets his money's worth. This club, with its certain portion of retro charm, deserves the title: Very good.

Altes Wettbüro (engl. Old betting office) (15)

The old betting office, also affectionately called "Wetti", playfully manages the balancing act between restaurant, bar and club without drifting into the half-baked. The kitchen convinces with fantastic food at fair prices and for dessert exquisite electronic music is regularly served on the turntables. A special icing on the cake: the summer garden in the backyard - a beautiful green oasis.

"Altes Wettbüro", Source: Juliane Schäfer

Zille (21)

At first a somewhat inconspicuous shop, but here you are served the best homemade „Mexikaner“ (A hot and spicy tomato liqueur) while DJ's from the Dresden music scene provide the right sound.

Blue Note (10)

Directly opposite the Zille, you will find the Blue Note - THE jazz bar in New Town par excellence. Not only jazz lovers get their money's worth here, but also aficionados of whiskey. The Blue Note brings together what belongs together.

Speaking of whiskey: More than just the obligatory beer, you'll find in the following bars, which have specially selected beverage menus:

Cafe 100 (5)

The Cafe 100, also affectionately called “The 100”, is one of the oldest bars in New Town and opened its doors shortly after the turnaround.In the upper area, a richly equipped bar awaits you, which leaves nothing to be desired. Jam sessions and small but fine concerts also take place here regularly.Vaulted ceilings and stone walls give the wine cellar in the basement a rustic-romantic atmosphere that invites you to linger, chat and above all enjoy the wine.

Leonardo (20)

Located in the “Hechtviertel”, the Leonardo presents itself as a pleasant mixture of restaurant and bar. From 6 p.m. you can enjoy your fine and creative culinary feast or simply delicious drinks. Especially in summer, you can sit outside on the sidewalk and watch the colorful hustle and bustle of the neighborhood.

Sidedoor (19)

Somewhat off the beaten track, but still not far from the main traffic junctions of the pub miles, is the Sidedoor. On expansive leather sofas you can linger wonderfully in a relaxed atmosphere and long drinks, cider, whiskey, beer or cocktails leave nothing to be desired.

You can also find cocktails in these bars:

El Cubanito (23)

Only a few steps away from Lollis Homestay you will find El Cubanito. A Cuban bar offering delicious food and great cocktails. Simply everything at this bar radiates joie de vivre and light-heartedness. A bit of summer, even in the greyest winter.

Wohnzimmer (engl. living room) (16)

As the name suggests, you will find a particularly cosy atmosphere in the “living room”, even though the bar with two floors is not that small. The “living room” is an all-rounder - no matter who you are travelling with, everyone will be magically happy here. What exactly is the trick behind it remains a trade secret.

After a short break in the living room, we continue with this colorful potpourri of pubs:

Chocolate bar (9)

For sweet toothers and chocoholics, this bar is a treat in the truest sense of the word. In addition to coffee, tea and soda, it offers the best of the chocolate bean in all imaginable and unimaginable variations: Chocolate cake, hot chocolate pudding with fruits, Swedish drinking chocolate, chocolate tea, chocolate cocktails ... mhhm...

Barnebys (13)

For friends of the good old games evening, the Barneby is a truly paradisaical place. There are snacks, drinks and of course a huge selection of games. Boredom is guaranteed to be a thing of the past!

The Hebedas, despite its popularity, is undoubtedly what one can call a genuine Kiez pub. There are, of course, other, lesser known pubs in the Neustadt. So now, in a way, our insider tips follow:

Tir Na Nog (11)

A classic, rustic-cozy Irish Pub. Beer, whiskey, live music. The Tir Na Nog is not a tourist trap, but an all around authentic, small but fine pub. With a visit to the Tir Na Nog you can't do anything wrong.

Hebedas (6)

The Hebedas is an institution in the Dresden New Town, so it is worthwhile to get here in time, because especially on the weekends there is a lot going on in the cult pub. In "Hebedas" there are nice people, regional beer from the New Town and the surrounding area, and for 10 cents a casual cigarette to your beer.

"Hebedas", Source: Juliane Schäfer
The Hebedas, despite its popularity, is undoubtedly what one can call a genuine “Kiezkneipe” (German slang word for a long-established pub in the neighborhood). There are, of course, other, lesser known pubs in New Town. So here are our insider tips, so to speak:

Cafe Combo (8)

This cafe is truly a gold piece. Nowhere is the mixture of pub and cafe as successful as in a combo.At the back of the bar, you can smoke a cigarette while drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper or a book, and the further the little hand on the clock-face moves, the more the shop turns into a bar where you meet your friends and drink a beer or two together. Rounded off by the somehow weird, but lovely retro touch of wallpaper and furnishings, the combo looks a bit out of date and yet, or just because of that, you just have to love this place.

Dräggscher Löffel (1)

A super friendly, super small and familiar pub in the Hechtviertel. Seats are limited, but this gives the pub a very special living room charm, so that it almost feels like sitting in a friends kitchen.

Bar Holda (7)

The Bar Holda hides at Martin-Luther-Platz and is also a real insider tip. The trendy pub is frequented above all by inveterate locals and captivates with its completely unagitated and open-hearted atmosphere. Not too chic and not too ragged. Simply a beautiful place.

"Bar Holda", Source: Juliane Schäfer
Sure, especially in the cold season it is great to wander through the bars and pubs of the city, but the spring can be seen on the horizon and with it the outdoor beer season. Where should you drink it best? For example here:

Katys Garage (18)

In the middle of the city, where Louisenstrasse and Alaunstrasse meet, you will find a relaxed little beer garden, including beach chairs, deck chairs and miniature fountains. Here you can let the sun shine into your mind and relax to your heart's content.

Terrace at Bischofsplatz (2)

Although the terrace at Bischofsplatz has a beautiful and cosy interior, it is still most beautiful in summer when the spacious roof terrace, decorated with lanterns and fairy lights, is open. In a relaxed atmosphere you can relax and enjoy delicious cocktails and freshly tapped beer as well as freshly prepared, extremely tasty dishes.

"Crummy-Corner", Source: Juliane Schäfer

Assi-Eck (engl. Crummy corner) (17)

A New Town pub guide would not be a New Town pub guide if the “Assi Eck”, or also affectionately called Krawall-Eck (engl. Turmoil Corner), would not be mentioned in it. But what's this funny name for? The “Assi-Eck” is not a pub, bar or anything else. It's just the corner between Görlitzerstrasse and Louisenstrasse, where, as soon as the temperatures climb up again, all kinds of people meet to sit on the sidewalk, chat and drink beer. In summer it gets crowded, loud and turbulent here. Not everyone likes it - for example the police or the Dresden public transport companies – but still, it is an indispensable part of New Town.

"Crummy-Corner", Source: Juliane Schäfer

To help you find your way around, you'll find all the pubs presented above, once again in this handy map:

© Juliane Schäfer

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