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Mai 23, 2009

Programm für die Filmnächte am Elbufer ist draußen

Das bestimmt schönste Freilichtkino Deutschlands hat sein Programm für den Sommer 2009 herausgegeben. Ab 25. Juni werden wieder große Filme aus aller Welt gezeigt, unter anderem:

6.7.   Vicky. Christina.Barcelona

22.7. Slumdog Millionaire

27.7. Spur der Steine

1.8.  Pink Floyd – The Wall

6.8. Willkommen bei den Schtis

11.8. Berlin Calling

14.8. Woodstock Director’s Cut

Außerdem finden jede Menge Konzerte statt. Unter anderem spielen die Toten Hosen, die RevueShow Carte Blanche, David Garrett und das  Farin Urlaub Racing Team.

Mehr Infos, das komplette Programm und Tickets gibt’s hier.

April 11, 2009

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betti @ 8:46 pm

Peter Fox an der Elbe

feat. Cold Steel & Special Guests

Ab an die Elbe zum Tanzen und Swingen! Das Konzert gibt’s am 15. August 09 open air am Königsufer und damit vor unvergesslich schöner Kulisse. Los geht’s ab 20 Uhr und Karten bekommt man bei Saxticket für 36,50€.

März 28, 2009

Best love bird atmosphere

Only a few days and spring arrives in Dresden. You too? Then don’t miss these spots to revival your spring fever:

  • The Great Garden: lots of meadows to lay down on a picknick blanket,  a small baroque palace, ponds for the romantic do-it-yourself boat cruise and fountains for wet water games, lots of different flowers to put in your hair and feel the spirit of the 1970s. Close to the Great Garden is the best soft ice cream seller in this area. The long queue approves the quality.
  • The Dresden Zoo: Now’s the time when most animals got their offspring.  Gives you a big plus, if your girlfriend is besotted with cute animals.
  • The Elbe meadows: romantic bar-b-qs, camp fires, accoustic guitars and in front of you the silhouette of Dresden’s historical part. Your girlfriend will melt like icecream.
  • Martin-Luther-Platz: That’s were a friend of  mine roll on the cobble stones and was kissing a nice guy.  In the sheadow of the Luther church. So that seems to be a romantic place as well.
  • Pillnitz castle: Make a bike tour along the river and the Elbe meadows to this place. That’s really fantastic.  See the three Elbe castles and their vineyards. Arriving in Pillnitz you’ll find a romantic baroque castle with a big park to lay down, a photo setting for couples and a snack bar with saussages and french frites,  if you can’t bear so much kitsch and beauty.
  • The beer gardens: More or less Bavarian. The Neustadt has two less Bavarian, but more atmospheric ones. 1st the Scheune Biergarten with chains of light and under big trees and 2nd Raskolnikoff’s backyard with cobble stones and water games.