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Lollis Homestay – Hostel BLOG

Januar 17, 2012

concert of Sensylis on January 27th

Its time again for another kitchen concert in the hostel. This time we go a little for the harder kind of music – Melodic Metal! Sensylis is a band from Vienna, Austria. Like always, we don’t charge a cover free, this is just another nice FreeShow in the hostel to get the evening started.!/events/213890502034045/


Sensylis from Vienna




Bandtext in deutsch:

Mit einer Mischung aus vielen verschiedenen Metal Stilrichtungen und Einflüssen ist die Band bereit die Welt zu erobern!
Trash, Melodic Metal und Hardcore Elemente schaffen eine gute Variation zwischen sanften Refrains und harten, melodischen Parts die Song für Song ins Ohr gehen, wie sie auf ihrer zweiten EP „Carpe Diem“ beweisen.

Oktober 8, 2011

concert in the hostel – October 29th – free show

Its time once again for some fine entertainment for hostel guests and Dresden people alike.  On Saturday, October 29th, 20:30, a concert of duo „lindgruen“ will take place in our common room.  Everyone is invited, there will be no cover fee, its a free show.

It will be a very quiet concert, the artists don’t need an amplifier.  They use kitchen utensils like glasses, wire whisks or cutlery and small drums, brushs and toy instruments, even scrapers, and the voice of the singer.  They play songs in their very own way and produce some really unheard soundscapes.  If you like beautiful melodies and wonderful and quiet sounds, this concert is for you.

Listen here:




August 6, 2011

Weekly Events at Lollis Homestay

Shut down your laptop, turn off your cell phone and go meet some real people! There are fellow travelers all around! All Lollis Homestay guests and visitors are most welcome (the more the merrier!) to our weekly events in the hostel:

Monday @ 7:30 pm

free dinner with our Czech cook Zeli


Tuesday @ 8:00 pm


In front of the hostel. We have the hot grill, you bring the steak or sausage or zucchini filled with feta cheese (if you are a vegetarian). Get your stuff at the Netto supermarket nearby or buy it from us.


Wednesday @ 8:00 pm

Learn German in one hour with our American – free

Need a little help negotiating through all that German Bratwurst? Are the Germans putting you down because you keep saying „Hello“ instead of „Hallo“? Well, come and learn the German Basics from a real American who’s suffered the slings and arrows of Dresdeners so you don’t have to. In one hour, she’ll teach you how to get along with those gruff Germans in their own language. You’ll learn how to meet and greet and order everything from ice cream to Schweinshaxe. Only the important stuff. Germans are welcome too.


Thursday @ 7:30 pm

free dinner with our Indian cook Pranav


Thursday @ 9:00 pm

The Dresden Neustadt NightWalk with Danilo – 5 € per person

A guided tour by night through our trendy neighbourhood, the “Neustadt. It’s packed with more than 130 different bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Pub crawl with ambition: You’ll get historic information about the district, including the changes after the unification, the origins of the largest street festival in Germany, and much more. You’ll also get to know some bar and pub legends and hear about famous visitors. The tour includes 3 free welcome drinks in different locations and takes about 2 hours.

Times may change, so please always check the blackboard at the reception. Occasionally, we also have special events which we of course invite you to join. But again, check the blackboard for these.