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August 6, 2011

Weekly Events at Lollis Homestay

Shut down your laptop, turn off your cell phone and go meet some real people! There are fellow travelers all around! All Lollis Homestay guests and visitors are most welcome (the more the merrier!) to our weekly events in the hostel:

Monday @ 7:30 pm

free dinner with our Czech cook Zeli


Tuesday @ 8:00 pm


In front of the hostel. We have the hot grill, you bring the steak or sausage or zucchini filled with feta cheese (if you are a vegetarian). Get your stuff at the Netto supermarket nearby or buy it from us.


Wednesday @ 8:00 pm

Learn German in one hour with our American – free

Need a little help negotiating through all that German Bratwurst? Are the Germans putting you down because you keep saying „Hello“ instead of „Hallo“? Well, come and learn the German Basics from a real American who’s suffered the slings and arrows of Dresdeners so you don’t have to. In one hour, she’ll teach you how to get along with those gruff Germans in their own language. You’ll learn how to meet and greet and order everything from ice cream to Schweinshaxe. Only the important stuff. Germans are welcome too.


Thursday @ 7:30 pm

free dinner with our Indian cook Pranav


Thursday @ 9:00 pm

The Dresden Neustadt NightWalk with Danilo – 5 € per person

A guided tour by night through our trendy neighbourhood, the “Neustadt. It’s packed with more than 130 different bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Pub crawl with ambition: You’ll get historic information about the district, including the changes after the unification, the origins of the largest street festival in Germany, and much more. You’ll also get to know some bar and pub legends and hear about famous visitors. The tour includes 3 free welcome drinks in different locations and takes about 2 hours.

Times may change, so please always check the blackboard at the reception. Occasionally, we also have special events which we of course invite you to join. But again, check the blackboard for these.

Juli 8, 2011

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Lolli @ 5:27 pm

NEW: tours to interesting places around Dresden

From now on we offer some tours to the surroundings of Dresden.  You can easily book them through the hostel reception, just send us an email to or give us a call: +49 (0) 351 – 810 84 58.  If a full day tour is to long for you, all of this tours can be done as a half day trip with a shortened itinerary for about half of the prices stated here.

If you book one of the tours, you can also benefit from our special offer, you will get a 5 Euro discount for one night of accomdation.

Royal Treasure Hunt – Once around Dresden

On this tour you’ll get the chance to visit many of the neighboring castles of Dresden and Meissen, starting off with the Moritzburger hunting- and pleasure lodge of August the Strong and the late baroque Pheasant Castle. Then you’ll travel to Meissen and walk along its cobblestone streets to visit the Albrechtsburg and the oldest cathedral in Saxony. Circling back and beyond Dresden, you’ll journey to a famous little palace on the Elbe styled in European-Chinese baroque. From there you’ll come to the famous Blue Wonder bridge. Here you’ll also be able to take a ride on the world’s oldest suspension cable car where, at the top, you’ll enjoy a fantastic view.

The tour lasts approximately 7 hours. Costs include transportation and the tour guide. 20 Euros per person starting at groups of three, 25 Euros per person for two people, and 50 Euros for an individual tour.

Saxon Switzerland Tour

Just east of Dresden is the national park Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland. Its bizarre sandstone rock formations and untouched nature is a hiker’s and climber’s paradise and for all who just want to get away from the city. After a hefty climb up to the world famous Bastei Bridge with its capital views of the river valley and stone mesas, the tour continues to the Festung Königstein, a fortress with a 750 year history. The third highlight is a trip to Gräfin Cosel’s fated castle in the middle of the medieval city of Stolpen.

The tour lasts approximately 8 hours. Costs include transportation and the tour guide. 25 Euros per person starting at groups of three, 30 Euros per person for two people, and 55 Euros for an individual tour.

In the Land of Sorbs, Slavs, Silesians … and Dinosaurs

The first stop is at the city of Bautzen. Over a thousand years old, it’s the capital of the Sorbs. There you’ll also visit the dinosaur park called Saurierpark Kleinwelka where, if you’re feeling brave, you can walk among and pet 100 life size concrete dinos. Afterwards, travel on to Görlitz. This beautiful art nouveau and turn-of-the-19th-century city will entice you to linger a while. On the way back Löbtau offers sweeping views of the Saxon countryside from the König-Friedrich-August-Tower, a structure fondly called the Eiffel Tower of Saxon.

The tour lasts approximately 8 hours. Costs include transportation and the tour guide. 30 Euros per person starting at groups of three, 40 Euros per person for two people, and 70 Euros for an individual tour.