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Oktober 28, 2013

Soulweekender part 5

Wie jedes Jahr freuen wir uns auf das Soul Erlebnis in Dresden schlechthin in den absolut besten Locations. Wer das verpasst, ist selber schuld 😉

UPON MY SOUL – DRESDEN SOUL WEEKENDER Part 5 (60s & 70s Black Music Party in Dresden) mit internationalem DJ Line- Up!!

Wir wünschen viel Spass bei:

Rare & Northern Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Crossover & Modern Sounds

Donnerstag, 7.11.

Freitag, 8.11.

Samstag, 9.11.
Cafe Combo

Soul + Jamaican Floor

Sonntag, 10.11.
Brunch & Soul


Tickets gibt es hier.

presented by:

Dynamite Konzerte & Upon My Soul, Dresdner Kulturmagazin, Apollo-Radio





August 18, 2013

Festival: Hechtfest – or the little sister of the BRN

You could translate Hechtfest with pike festival – but no, it’s not about eating pikes and who’s gonna catch the biggest fish from the Elbe. Hechtfest is simply a festival of a district in Dresden called Hechtviertel, which is only a 10-minute-walk away from our hostel, along the Hechtstraße, Rudolf- Leonard Straße and St Pauli Church,…. So instead of eating good smoked fish it is about music, arts, drinking beer, meeting people and having fun. Some people claim the Hechtfest to be the new BRN-festival (we have posted about it earlier this year) only a little smaller.

Anyways, the festival is taking place from August 23rd to August 25th in the Hechtviertel area. So come visit, get some funky souvenir at the little fleamarkets organised by families living in this area, join some concerts, see some art, take part in a football match, or visit the dog race. And the best ting about it: it’s all for free!

You can find more information and the whole programme on the website:
Unfortunately it’s all in German, but I’m sure you can click your way through it 😉



Februar 9, 2013

Hostel Soul Session

Thank you again for this beautiful Funk and Soul evening yesterday  DJ Womsen (from Cologne)!DSCI0017

get more infos here:









Oktober 28, 2012

Upon my Soul Vol. 4









Scheune, Ostpol and the Cafe Combo, each of them is a „must go“ for a Dresden visit anyway, but now they are all coming together for the 4th time to swing the  Neustadt here in Dresden again for 2 days!

Upon my Soul is representing 10 Dj’s and 1 live band (COMBO DE LA MUSICA from Stockholm/Sweden). They are playing rare Soul classics from the 60’s and 70’s for 12 € (buy your tickets in advance if you can).




Juli 8, 2012

HechtFest (english)

It’s summer and it’s time to celebrate in the streets of Dresden together with friends, neighbors, strangers…!!!

From August 24th to August 26th a quarter called „Hechtviertel“ will open its doors and everyone is invited to join the colorful , cheerful event that is going on! There will be four stages where you can listen and dance to Folk, Independent, Reggae and Ska. You can also see lots of artists in the streets or try some home-baked cake in one of the backyards. One of the highlights is the bobbycar-race on Saturday morning or the big breakfast in the streets on Sunday.

The „Hechtviertel“ is in the north of Dresden just next to the „Neustadt“. From „Lollis Homestay“ you will get there after only ten minutes walk!


Oktober 15, 2009

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Jule @ 1:10 am

Markus Kavka in Dresden

Am 17. Oktober 09 feiert die Showboxx ihr 10 Jähriges. Diesmal beehrt auch Markus Kavka den Club (man kennt ihn noch von MTV). Ein weiterer Hauptact ist Henrik Schwarz (!K7/Berlin), aber auch Gunjah (Dresden) ist wieder mit dabei. Um 23:00 Uhr wird losgezappelt. Die Showboxx findet ihr auf der Leipzigerstrasse 31 auf der Neustadtseite, ganz nah an der Elbe.Tickets gibts an der Abendkasse.

Feiert schön…!


April 24, 2009

coloured street festival in Dresden

It started with 10 friends and a barbecue at the Martin Luther Church, one of the most romantic and beautiful spots in the Neustadt, which is the most coloured and lively quarter of Dresden. Today it is the most famous, free festival for every open minded, tolerant and fun- loving person in Dresden. You still find some non- capitalistic spots, where the real Neustädters love to go beside the beer drinking and sausage eating crowds. Watch out for the streets with the pancake baking children, the chilly, green and quiter places or the awesome partys made by locals. Artists, stages, dance, Firepoi- playing people, self made music, DJ´s, great self made local and international food everywhere a hole weekend long, this is the BRN or the Bunte Republik Neustadt!

from the 19th of June 2009 to the 21st of June 2009