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Reverberation Fest 2018

The non-profit Reverberation Fest is a festival for Psychedelic Music and Arts which takes place in Dresden for the third time this year. Local, national and international artists join who will mostly show concerts, but also installations and improvised theatre. Continue reading »

13.02.2018, 16:37 @ jule
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Hiking in Saxon Switzerland National Park - Kirnitzschtal

Obere Schleuse in Saxon Switzerland or the border of Germany and Czech Republic

The "Obere Schleuse" track: A hiking description for one of the most beautiful hiking tracks in the Saxon Switzerland: the core zone of the National Park. The track leads you to the biggest tourist attractions during the GDR time: the "Obere Schleuse" (upper watergate): use the romantic rowing boats to get through the "Kirnitzsch Gorge" (Kirnitzschklamm) or just go on foot, continue your way by following one of the cleanest rivers in whole of Germany: the "Kirnitzsch" along the German and Czech border. Listen carefully when you are in the mountains and no other tourist is around! Complete silence! You do not know the word silence yet, if you do not travel much to lonely spots. This is such a place! It is just amazing, but also frustrating to see how much we are used to car noises. Even the animals here seem to hold their breath. It is a bit like beeing blind on your ears. Impressive! Continue reading »

05.02.2018, 15:04 @ jule
Categories: surroundings // Tags: National Park near Dresden, Saxon Switzerland National Park, Hiking in Germany, Best Hiking routes in Germany, Beautiful National Parks in Germany, things you must do in Germany, Kirnitzsch River, Kirnitzsch Gorge, trekking in Germany, Surroundings of Dresden, what to do in Dresden, places to visit near Dresden, places you must see in Dresden