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Lollis Homestay – Hostel BLOG

September 21, 2015

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marc @ 10:53 am

Meet the hostel staff – Martin



Today we’ll introduce you one staff out of our back office. Martin keeps the hostel running 24/7. He’s our guy for all kinds of problems, questions we have and he loves to back us up, so that we have enough time to take care of our customers. From time to time you also may see him behind the reception.

So today we allured him away from the accountancy books to question him :)


Most crazy experience during your time here?

>> That’s pretty much the “Bunte Republik Neustadt”, the annual street festival in June. I supervise the bands and the choice of music being played for those 3 days. I also take care of the whole organization. And here it becomes kinda tricky – there is the usual every day business of the hostel and then there is the crazy band situation. We try to keep the hostel business running as smooth as possible but you’ll stumble across hundreds of cables, drums, synthesizer and massive speaker systems in our common room. And of course there is a lot of cooking going on in our kitchen. It’s like a massive beehive – it’s quite challenging to overlook everything. But at the end, when all bands are playing and our guests and people outside are dancing, it’s a pretty good feeling. And then you spot a tiny asian girl walking through the masses with a huge suitcase. If time allows it – I’m happy to help her with her luggage.<<

The most beautiful experience at the hostel?

>> I really love the encounter with our guests. It happened quite often, that I stayed here after knocking off – simply because of interesting talks with real interesting people. I actually could name quite a few. For example an older guy from Florida, who regularly rents a hut at a lake during summer season. During his stay he came often to stay with us, doing his laundry and enjoying a nice talk with others. And then of course I have to name the “Bunte Republik Neustadt”, because our guests are always a part of the festival. So every day, every night and every morning are full of special moments, talks and impressions.<<

What I love most about Lollis?

>> The international atmosphere. I love to travel and being here is feeling the open-minded and interesting atmosphere quite intense. So even when I work here, it feels kinda being traveling. Besides that – I like our team very much. We have friendly and interesting staff member, with whom its fun to work with!<<