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June 2, 2017

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Juliane @ 10:07 am

BRN Festival 16. to 18. June 2017

The Bunte Republik Neustadt, short BRN (which is the biggest event for most of the Dresdeners of the year in town. It is also the biggest neighbour festival in the country) exists already since 1990.


the official BRN flag, Mickey Mouse symbolised freedom back in the 90’s for us Dresdeners

Short after the reunion of West and East Germany, the atmosphere was split: most of the young people were afraid of the new capitalistic system, they were unoriented. And so some guys came to the idea to organise a new republic, an area, which they bordered with white colour on the streets: the “Äussere Neustadt quarter” with an autonomic character. They established a new currency: the BRN Mark (which you can still buy as souvenir at the “Geldschneider” on “Alaunstrasse 29” … Jäkel, the owner is one of 20 existing coin-cutters in whole of Germany) and they elected a monarch and ministers as well.

Since then it is tradition to celebrate the foundation of the BRN every year with a big festival: self made food, rave- balconies, stages with a lot of different bands, samba drum sessions, DJ´s and partys on the streets, readings, theatre,… all made by locals and their children.

Aluna stage in “Alaunpark”


The festival became quite capitalistic and touristy over the last years, so if you decide to visit us and our beautiful neighbourhood, you should really watch out for the smaller streets, avoid the big beer stands and buy food and drinks at the (better) local stands and please: chill, enjoy and respect the locals and our neighbourhood!

“Paul van der Braach”, everybody knows everybody in the Neustadt: “Hello Paul!!” :D









House on Louisenstrasse corner Martin- Luther Strasse: the locals who live there are decorating all their balconies with a different theme every year: 2 years ago: “Computer- Robot House”




starts: on 16. June from around 4pm

ends: on 18. June until around 8pm

no parties and music between 1am and 1pm

entrance: completely free, all events

where: the whole “Äussere Neustadt” quarter

special: closed for all cars

article on wikipedia

current programme (the planning of the programme is not finished yet, more is coming soon)


May 15, 2017

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Juliane @ 8:01 am

Tolerade- parade for respect on 20.05.2017

Tolerade– parade for respect, cooperation and tolerance

official tolerade flyer


Empathize – empathy for people, against discrimination
Dance – enthusiasm for electronical music, freedom in movement
Mobilize – join us, take care of each other, intervention, play your part!

You demonstrade, you dance for respect and tolerance! You can participate for free and in the evening you can join the official tolerade party. Any idea is welcome: colourful costumes, your own prepared waggon or bike, hand barrow or just come on foot! All collected money goes to refugee relief or integration help initiatives.

Start breakfast and waggons preparation:

around 10:00 Alexander Puschkin Platz at parking space of Puschkin Club (tram 9 or 4 to “Alexander Puschkin Platz”)

Start demonstration:

14:00 at Train Station Neustadt (tram 6 or 11 to “Neustädter Bahnhof”)

16:00 at Postplatz (tram 8, 11 to “Postplatz”)

18:00 Albertplatz (tram 3, 11, 7 or 8 to Albertplatz)

18:15 Alaunplatz (at New Town, tram 13 to “Alaunplatz”)

21:00 Club “Sektor Evolution” (at Industrial Area, tram 7 or 8 to “Industriegelände)

Start party:

21:00 Club “Sektor Evolution” (at Industrial Area, tram 7 or 8 to “Industriegelände)

Donate here.

Tolerade on Facebook

April 18, 2015

Young Europeans Statistics



You are aged between 16 and 29 years? You live in Europe or you are interested in the european way of life? Then you can use this online tool (“Eurostat”- european statistics, they are NOT collecting your personal informations) to compare your life with other european and young people!

The differences can be small somethimes, but huge in other aspects of life (age, work, internet, social life, education,…). Try, enjoy and learn: