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May 16, 2017

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marc @ 10:43 am

Meet our new team member – Victoria!

Hello fellow readers,
today we want to introduce our volunteer Victoria from Argentina.
She’ll be around at the hostel organizing several hiking tours, bike tours, fun activities in the near surrounding or classic tours through the Old town of Dresden.
But first we asked her a couple of questions:
You’ve been here around for a week now! What have you been doing during that week?
I think I’ve been doing all the touristic things you can do in dresden in order to know the city more and have an actual idea of what to do when I meet new guests at the hostel. I’ve been to the Old Town, but I’ve been more around the Neustadt, Alaunsplatz and riding a bike next to the Elbe. Oh, and also I’ve been trying to visit all the different pubs and biergartens around of course.
Sounds pretty cool! Where have you been traveling so far?
Before I got here, I spent more or less seven months in Spain, visiting as much as possible since I was studying in Madrid and could go everywhere from there. I also visited Napoli for a few days, Düsseldorf and Köln. 
Is this your first volunteering?
No, I used to work as a volunteer in Madrid as well in a hostel called Las Musas. I actually started there for 1 month and ended up staying 3 haha. Deciding to move out of Madrid and leaving the hostel was a really hard decision to make, but I was also really looking forward to come to Germany so it had to be done. 
What are your plans with the guests staying with us?
I would like people to discover and embrace what a beautiful city this is. I want them to love how multicutural and artistic this neighbourhood is; but I think the most important part as well would be that they feel comfortable at the hostel and with the idea of meeting new people all the time. We are all travellers, we all have stories and basically you don’t need much more than that to make a good connection and have a good time.
Do you have any weekly schedule?
Not so far really, because on one hand I still feel pretty new here so I have things to discover as well every week, and also because it really depends on the guests and how they feel. I understand if after being out walking the whole day they maybe don’t want to go out again at night, so we can arrange just having some beers at the hostel, playing any board game or some cards (UNO is the favourite one so far) and just relaxing there.
Do you have any specific highlights in your pipeline?
I have really enjoyed going to the Saxon Switzerland National Park area with one of the guests from the hostel, seeing the Bastei Bridge, enjoying the view from there, having a picnic, hiking and just getting lost in the woods. 
Also on the 8th of May I was lucky enough to just be having a beer in Assie-Eck when a lot of firecrackers and fireworks started to commemorate the end of the WWII. It was exciting, lively and very peaceful. It was not a riot, it was more like a celebration. I really loved it.
For how long will you be with us? 
In the hostel I think only one month, but I’m trying to see if I can stay longer in Dresden since I like a lot so far. It has everything I was looking for in a city: nature and parks really close by, a good nightlife and atmosphere, an interesting history and welcoming people. 
How can people meet you at the hostel or get in touch with you?
I’m usually around in the common areas either talking or playing games with other guests, but if we are out, in the reception anyone can ask for my number and write to me, or just ask the receptionist to give me a call to see where we are with the rest of the guests.
So to cut things short – get in touch with Victoria, if you want to experience the city of Dresden in a very special, fun and vibrant way!!
She will be here to get you around, to show you her favorite spots and to entertain you as much as possible!

November 30, 2015

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marc @ 4:32 pm

Guest statistics 2014

Where do guests come from who stay at Lollis Homestay?  Here are the figures of 2014.  As the years before about 50% of all guests are Germans who are on short city trips, going to attend cultural events (opera, concerts …) or are here for business. But there is also a wide variety of globetrotters from all over the world coming to Dresden.

Deutschland 49,18%
Belgien 0,52%
Bulgarien 0,31%
Dänemark 0,34%
Estland 0,02%
Finnland 0,28%
Frankreich 1,58%
Griechenland 0,32%
Großbrittanien 3,05%
Irland 0,26%
Island 0,00%
Italien 1,37%
Lettland 0,10%
Litauen 0,04%
Luxemburg 0,00%
Malta 0,00%
Niederlande 1,50%
Norwegen 0,10%
Österreich 1,01%
Polen 2,05%
Portugal 0,46%
Rumaenien 0,13%
Russland 1,50%
Schweden 0,31%
Schweiz 1,05%
Slowakei 0,25%
Slowenien 0,10%
Spanien 2,37%
Tschechien 1,99%
Türkei 0,23%
Ukraine 0,80%
Ungarn 0,30%
Zypern 0,02%
Sonst Europ. 0,33%
Südafrika 0,08%
Sonst. Afrika 0,26%
Arab. Golf 0,05%
China + HongKong 3,20%
Indien 0,47%
Israel 0,30%
Japan 1,60%
Südkorea 4,03%
Taiwan 2,21%
Sonst. Asien 0,90%
Kanada 1,99%
USA 5,24%
Mittelamerika 0,51%
Brasilien 2,34%
sonst. Südamerika 1,21%
Australien 3,91%
Neuseeland 0,34%
Deutschland 49,18%
Westeuropa 14,77%
Osteuropa 7,60%
Europa 22,69%
Asien 12,71%
Nordamerika 7,23%
Süd+ Mittelamerika 4,06%
Aust. + Neuseel. 4,26%

June 28, 2015

Special @ Lollis Homestay + Free concert on 1st of July

Have you already checked out our specials on our homepage?

You can get yourself a free glass of juice for your next breakfast and win a free accommodation with us or the Labyrinth Hostel in Weimar.

Each Sunday & Wednesday Agata invites you to our free dinner at 8pm.


Every Monday you;ll meet Agata again, when we offer our free BBQ!


If you are keen to lern some basic german, you’ve gotta be around each Thuesday at 7.30pm to meet Elli and her basic german language course.


When you wanna stroll through our hip neighborhood – be at the hostel on Thursday at 9pm and take part at our Neustadt Nightwalk – on special: 5€!!!

On 1st of July 2015 we are delighted to presenting you an awesome live concert. 

Cameron Armstrong, who’s staying with us, will entertain you at about 9pm!!! So first get some delicious dinner with Agata and then enjoy the free concert!

Checkout this video and that video by cameron! 



April 29, 2015

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marc @ 2:01 pm

On her way to India

We were delighted to give Rae a lovely stay to rest and recover on her way to India!

The bike is f*cking heavy (i tried to lift it :)) So it’s gonna be a pain to overwind mountains!

Next stop will be in Königstein staying at the Ferdinands Homestay! We wish her all luck making it to India!


January 28, 2015

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marc @ 10:37 am

Airbrush art @ Lollis Homestay


Hey Guys,

at the moment we are delighted to accomodate a pretty cool artist!

You can meet Nikofor Kolevski on Prager Straße or in the evening hours here in our common room!

He uses spray cans with acrylic lacquer and different kinds of patterns.

At the end there are crazy cool cosmic landscapes! What do you think – give us your feedback!



January 1, 2015

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Lea @ 4:07 pm

Lollis Homestay wishes you a Happy New Year !!!

2014 has been another exciting year for Lollis Homestay. We made lots of new friends, had exquisite hostel dinners and (on some nights) partied with our guests all night long. :)

But before the recap for this year starts, we want to thank all of our wonderful guests, who have enriched us with their presence for the past year. Our team works hard to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for you guys. However without you, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today.

So this was 2014 for us…

Because of a busy summer 2013 we had to make a few rennovations. We were also proud to be able to present a new room called Orientalsaal (“Orientroom“).

A great talent from Russia visited Lollis Homestay. Guests and employees got an oil painting of themselves for free!! We thank Gayane D. for making us and our guests such lovely presents.

Every Wednesday and Sunday evening “Chef Björn“ cooks a free veggie dinner for our guests. From “Chilli sin carne“ to “traditional German cuisine newly interpreted“ – this is Haute Cuisine! But for all that (!) Björn sometimes needed a little helper called Pranav. On top of that Pranav always took care of guests when it came to going out and enjoying Dresdens nightlife. We wish Pranav the best of luck with his studies over in gold old Berlin. ;)

Lollis Homestay celebrated its 13-year-anniversary. Before the Hostel moved into the centre of the Neustadt Area 10 years ago, it was located in the Hechtviertel (“Hecht Area“). Henne and Lolli have been running the hostel together for 10 years now!!!

Shortly before the summer season started our lovely receptionist, Elli, decided to become a teacher for our hostel guests. In summer we offered our guests to learn German with Elli every Tuesday @7.30 pm for one hour. Elli taught you how to meet, greet and order everything from ice cream to „Schweinshaxe“ in German. Thank you Elli!

Like every year we had a stage set up for some bands and we were happy to celebrate the “Colourful Republic of the Neustadt“ (in German: Bunte Republik Neustadt). The Bunte Republik Neustadt (literally “Colourful Republic of Neustadt”) was a micronation in parts of the city’s district Dresden-Neustadt from 1990 to 1993. Nowadays every year in June a 3-day cultural festival is celebrated in the Neustadt under the same name. Thanks to all of the helpers, which made this years festival possible – it was a blast!
Here’s next years dates: June 19th, 2015 – June 21st, 2015. Make sure to reserve a room or bed as early as possible. It’s definitely worth it to stay for the whole three days.

We love when you guys write us. In July we received a lovely postcard from Taiwan. This is what we work for (!), so please if you were satisified with our service (or not), write us an review or simply send us a postcard. We’re always interested in your opinions.

Like many, Lollis Homestay could not be spared from the “Ice Bucket Challenge”. Cameraman Marc and Johannes captured the event. Check out the video on our facebook page and to all the ladys out there – the guy is some serious eye candy. ;) At this point we’re raising awareness for the the disease ALS (amoytrophic lateral sclerosis) and encourage donations to research.

Are you enjoying the music you’re hearing in the common room and reception area? Every receptionist has her or his own favorite genre and artists, which they love to hear while working. So besides taking care of check-ins, check outs, preparing breakfast, entertaining guests or cleaning after them, the receptionists are also Dj-ing and showing you the hottest tracks of the season (or century). ;)

By the way … The city tax introduced to Dresden in February, 2015 is not mandatory anymore. Every guest, who is over 18 years old now safes EUR 1,30 per night again. Yay!

Refugees are welcome & Lollis Homestay supports this.
PEGIDA demonstrations have been taking place in our Old Town (Altstadt) to protest against the “Islamization” of Europe since October, 2014. Their statements towards Islam are strongly directed at extremist groups.

There’s really nothing much left to say. In the last month of the year many came to visit Dresdens lovely christmas market and get a glimpse of Dresdens special christmas spirit . The fireworks on the night of December 31st illuminated the whole city. Right in the middle lies a small hostel, its employees anxiously await you and are happy about every visitor from around the world!

We hope you had a great start into the New Year!
Greetings from Dresden – Lea, Lollis Homestay