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December 23, 2015

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marc @ 8:42 pm

What to do on Christmas Eve?

Santa Clause is coming to town

  • Sants’s personal airplane called „Christmas Air“ coming from Lapland (flight DRS2412) is landing at 10.30am at the Dresden international airport. There will be a little stage with christmas carols and little presents at the viewing plattform.
  • You can also meet him at the HBF (main station) at 10.51am. He’ll get off the train at plattform 14.
  • You can visit the famous Church of our Ladies for the vespers at 2pm/4pm/10pm.On 25th & 26th December there is also a vesper at 11am.
  • On 24th December you can watch Monty Pythons „Life of the Brian“ at the Schauburg Dresden Cinema at 9 o’clock.
  • On 25th December you can watch the Opera „Nutcracker“ by Peter I. Tschaikowsky in the Semper Opera
  • You could also visit the castle of Moritzburg and see the famous exhibition „Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel“. On 24th December its open until 1pm.
  • On 25th and 26th December (2pm/5pm/7.30pm) you can see the Dresden Residence Orchestra playing inside the Zwinger


Most of the restaurants are closed after lunch time!

=> So come and join us for our free dinner at 8 with potatoe salad and sausages


„Frankfurter wuerstchen“ von WordRidden / Jessica Spengler – Lizenziert unter CC BY 2.0 über Wikimedia Commons –

December 2, 2015

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marc @ 1:17 pm

Christmas markets Dresden 2015

As you know, we are in the middle of the holiday season and you surely have come across one of the many christmas markets in Dresden.
To give you a better overview of all christmas markets, we made a little list for you. Overall there are 9 different spots.


(1) Starting at the Dresden main station (Dresden HBF) you’ll find the market “Dresdner Winterlichter” located on Prager Straße. It’s open to public every day from 10am till 9pm until the 23rd December.

(2) The most well known christmas market, the so called “Striezelmarkt Dresden” can be found on Altmarkt, right in the city center. About 230 merchants are there with all kinds of christmas goods.

(7) On Postplatz you’ll find the so called “Hüttenzauber” with food and drinks. During the evening hours there is some Aprés Ski Party.

(3) Infront of the Church of our ladies you’ll find the “Advent auf dem Neumarkt” which is open until 10pm. It’s very cozy and nice there.

(5) We’ve already introduced you the medieval christmas market.

(8) Inside the castle there is a cozy small christmas market

(9) Inside the Kempinski Hotel is an ice skating track with some real nice illumination.

(6) Located on Hauptstraße there is the so called Augustusmarkt

(4) And on Münzstraße there are also a view merchants.

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