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Lollis Homestay – Hostel BLOG

May 16, 2017

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marc @ 10:43 am

Meet our new team member – Victoria!

Hello fellow readers,
today we want to introduce our volunteer Victoria from Argentina.
She’ll be around at the hostel organizing several hiking tours, bike tours, fun activities in the near surrounding or classic tours through the Old town of Dresden.
But first we asked her a couple of questions:
You’ve been here around for a week now! What have you been doing during that week?
I think I’ve been doing all the touristic things you can do in dresden in order to know the city more and have an actual idea of what to do when I meet new guests at the hostel. I’ve been to the Old Town, but I’ve been more around the Neustadt, Alaunsplatz and riding a bike next to the Elbe. Oh, and also I’ve been trying to visit all the different pubs and biergartens around of course.
Sounds pretty cool! Where have you been traveling so far?
Before I got here, I spent more or less seven months in Spain, visiting as much as possible since I was studying in Madrid and could go everywhere from there. I also visited Napoli for a few days, Düsseldorf and Köln. 
Is this your first volunteering?
No, I used to work as a volunteer in Madrid as well in a hostel called Las Musas. I actually started there for 1 month and ended up staying 3 haha. Deciding to move out of Madrid and leaving the hostel was a really hard decision to make, but I was also really looking forward to come to Germany so it had to be done. 
What are your plans with the guests staying with us?
I would like people to discover and embrace what a beautiful city this is. I want them to love how multicutural and artistic this neighbourhood is; but I think the most important part as well would be that they feel comfortable at the hostel and with the idea of meeting new people all the time. We are all travellers, we all have stories and basically you don’t need much more than that to make a good connection and have a good time.
Do you have any weekly schedule?
Not so far really, because on one hand I still feel pretty new here so I have things to discover as well every week, and also because it really depends on the guests and how they feel. I understand if after being out walking the whole day they maybe don’t want to go out again at night, so we can arrange just having some beers at the hostel, playing any board game or some cards (UNO is the favourite one so far) and just relaxing there.
Do you have any specific highlights in your pipeline?
I have really enjoyed going to the Saxon Switzerland National Park area with one of the guests from the hostel, seeing the Bastei Bridge, enjoying the view from there, having a picnic, hiking and just getting lost in the woods. 
Also on the 8th of May I was lucky enough to just be having a beer in Assie-Eck when a lot of firecrackers and fireworks started to commemorate the end of the WWII. It was exciting, lively and very peaceful. It was not a riot, it was more like a celebration. I really loved it.
For how long will you be with us? 
In the hostel I think only one month, but I’m trying to see if I can stay longer in Dresden since I like a lot so far. It has everything I was looking for in a city: nature and parks really close by, a good nightlife and atmosphere, an interesting history and welcoming people. 
How can people meet you at the hostel or get in touch with you?
I’m usually around in the common areas either talking or playing games with other guests, but if we are out, in the reception anyone can ask for my number and write to me, or just ask the receptionist to give me a call to see where we are with the rest of the guests.
So to cut things short – get in touch with Victoria, if you want to experience the city of Dresden in a very special, fun and vibrant way!!
She will be here to get you around, to show you her favorite spots and to entertain you as much as possible!

April 27, 2017

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Lolli @ 8:02 am

New: The Lollis Homestay App

Lollis Homestay now also has an app for your phone. With the Lollis Homestay app you will be able to find all the good local spots which we would recommend you to visit in Dresden. It has lots of local tips off the beaten track.

Main features of the app include:
– a complete guide of local places to visit
– make an instant confirmed reservation
– write feedback directly to the managers
– directions to find us
– news, review us on Tridavisor, Facebook news

Lollis Homestay App für Android installieren Lollis Homestay App für I-Phones installieren


November 24, 2016

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Lolli @ 1:26 pm

We have a POPCORN machine!!!



We present you our newest innovation: Our POPCORN machine!

From now on you can allay your nightly desires with fresh sweet popcorn directly from this awesome futuristic gemstone

(it also blinking all the time!!).

We know, you probably do not really need it, but we could’t resist. POPCORN for everyone!!!

November 22, 2016

What to do during Christmas in Dresden?


our reception during christmas time

It gets dark early, the Christmas Markets are ready to open, the first mulled wine bottle is opened already,…it is Christmas time (soon)!

Usually the 24., 25. and the 26. December are not the common days to go out on a party and all museums are closed as well? Not quite! There is plenty of things to do in Dresden!

The 24. December is a normal work day, although most shops, supermarkets and restaurants will close a bit earlier (8:00 till max. 18:00), because on the evening on the 24th, we locals get our presents and we are celebrating with our families.
The 25. December is a public holiday and everything is closed as same as on the 26. December (supermarkets, shops, etc.), although many restaurants will be still open, because we like to go out for good food on this day. There is also a supermarket near by (Lidl Supermarket at the Train Station Neustadt, 10 minutes on foot from the hostel), which will be definitely open on these two days (till max. 16:00).

Why Lollis Homestay Hostel during Christmas?

Lollis Homestay Hostel provides you with a self cooking kitchen and free tea and coffee all day long, so that’ll be easy for you to stash some of your own food during these days. Our receptionist, who is on duty on the evening of the 24th, will prepare some typical potato salad and german sausages, as we eat it traditionally in the evening of the 24th. Of course, this will be for free for all our guests!

We also have free WiFi, everywhere (inside the rooms, kitchen, common room), to greet and chat with your family or friends. Or just meet other fellow travellers here!


typical German potato salad and Wiener Sausages

Hike or go out for a walk!

You have a hat and a good warm sweater? Dresden is always good for a city walk (from the Hostel to the Old Town: 20 minutes on foot) or a hike in the National Park even during the winter (Saxon Switzerland National Park is reachable by train in 1 hour. We have free tours, which we print out for free as well as proper hike- maps, just ask your receptionist).

Or visit one of the castles near by (Meissen, Pillnitz, Moritzburg, appr. 1 hour with the train or bus from here).


Moritzburg Castle

The beautiful Elbe River meadows are always nice for a walk as well (15 minutes on foot from our hostel). It was once World Heritage (till the city of Dresden built the huge Waldschlösschen- bridge), because of the Elbe Rivers’ natural unique (in Europe) stream.

Dresden is famous for its biggest treasure chamber in Europe!

So visiting a museum is a must do, especially during the winter time. There is a huge variety of pretty cool museums in Dresden (also with english audio guides).

museums open on the 24. December
Historical Green Vault in the castle (10am to 2pm)
museum for Saxon Folk art/ puppet museum (10am to 2pm)

Don’t forget to party! There will be definitely some partys in the Neustadt Quarter (the alternative- and nightlife area of Dresden, where Lollis Hostel is situated) as well, since many young people wanna get rid of their christmas money now (“TBA Club” at Neustadt Train Station, Techno party on 1 floor starting at 23:00 to open end for 6 € or “Sektor Evolution”, 3 tram stops from here or walkable in 20 minutes on foot with Hardteck and Techno on 2 floors). There are plenty of good bars and comfy cafes near by.

and on the 25. December:
the complete castle with the Green Vaults, turkish chamber and more (10am to 6pm)
New Masters Gallery (10am to 6pm… we recommend the art of the famous German “Brücke” artists, typical Expressionism from Dresden)
Old Masters Gallery (10am to 6pm… see art of Tizian, Vermeer, Dürer or Raffael)
mathematical/phsysical salon (10am to 6pm… one of the world’s most important museums of historical scientific instruments)
porcelain collection (Meissen and Chinese) (10am to 6pm…The Dresden collection is the most exquisite, and also the largest, specialist ceramics collection in the world)

Furthermore we recommend the alternative christmas party at the Club Sabotage (10 minutes from here) with some  DJ’s starting at midnight (free entrance or 3 € maximum): „Tropicaliente – Local Tribe & Black Lights“ or the Techno Party at “TBA Club” again for 6 € starting at 23:00.

on the 26. December:

(see opening times of the museums like on 25. December)

A must is also the “Hygiene Museum”…it is not a museum about toilet paper, but about humanity in general. It’s interactive exhibitions are stunning and definitely worth a visit (audio guides in English are inclusive, open 10:00 to 18:00, 7 € entrance)!

source: Deutsches Hygiene Museum

The “Sabotage Club” celebrates 6th anniversary of Green Planet: starting from 23:00 again you can expect a cool Drum’n’Bass / Jungle, Techno Party for 6 € again.

During these days it is of course more quiet than usually, but if you know where to go specifically, you can definitely make something out of your holiday here in Dresden.

August 8, 2016

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marc @ 12:20 pm

Meet the hostel staff – Marc


Marc ++ our man when it comes to photography, hiking and bike tours


Most crazy experience during your time here?

>> Indeed the nightshifts offer the best stories – so it’s quite difficult to choose the craziest one. Quite entertaining was one night, when one of our guests came down to ask how to get to the next hospital. After an intimate time  with a lot of booze in our room with the car, her boyfriend decided to find his way to the bathroom. But instead of choosing the ladder to climb down, he had chosen the fastest way down – the free fall. So he first hit quite hard the car with his angle before landing harsh on the ground. So the next trip led them to the hospital. Believe it or not – but the car had taken no damage at all :) Bless “made in Germany” I guess :) <<


The most beautiful experience at the hostel?

>> On one hand I remember a very impressive night walk to the Lilienstein with two of our guests. We left the hostel at 3 o’clock in the morning when it was already quite cold outside. When we arrived there we were honored with an impressive clear heaven full of stars. Who had known that it’s the coldest between 5 – 6 o’clock?! But soon after that we got rewarded with an awesome sunrise while being cuddled up in blankets and sipping hot coffee.
But I also love the BRN festival in June and I look forward to it each year! It’s a special occasion for our guests and also us. Each year many hostel friends come to stay and party with us. <<

What I love most about Lollis?

>> The atmosphere which surrounds you when you enter the hostel. No matter if you are staff or guest, everyone feels welcome and being in safe hands. Though on first sight it feels that all things don’t quite belong together: But if you stay a while all things become to one amazing impression. After nearly 8 years I still love to stay longer after my shifts to chat with other staff members or guests. Not a single day is the same as the previous day! Each day you meet new people, you listen to new stories and you gain fresh input. <<

November 20, 2015

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marc @ 5:30 pm

About villains and villagers

It’s christmas time!
For the next view weeks our staff will be playing a wonderfull game about an unknown murderer, who’s gonna kill al villagers without getting busted. Everyone who’s getting murdered has to provide an picture of the crime scene!
Our staff member Marc got killed first! So we are proud to announce the first crime scene to the public!
Keep an eye open for future scary crime scenes! :)
_DSC0192 finale-klein

Update: ♫ Monday Monday … ♫
Unfortunately we have to announce a new loss of one of our staff members. Cora died last week a terribly pained death. We reckon that she suffered a while before loosing her consciousness! We promise to keep looking for the cruel murder. Don’t worry for now we can stick to our usual opening times at the reception


After a little time out, the mysterious killer has stricken again. Not only we have to announce a new loss of one of our staff, we are also concerned about our interior. Should you spot any damage on our lockers, please feel free to see the reception. Please also consider any blood staines as part of the new wall design ;) You know: everything can be art! ;)

Romy tot-2
Oh by the way, while cleaning through the hostel, we found the missing head! Now at least we can keep Romy forever at the reception! Isn’t that nice?

At the moment we are looking at a pure kill streak! Are any religious reasons involved?


Oh will the killing ever stop? The killer left a ironic message: “and out of the window went … Juliane”
Mordopfer Jule

New crime scene has turned up! This time one of our housekeeping staff member got waterboarded!


I guess a part of the staff member is still better then losing him completly

I just wanted to refill our beer, when I stumbled upon a new crime scene



Not only we can keep your luggage in our storage. Obviously the murder had the same intentions for storing some goods.



We tried the very best to become the last standing man. Unfortunately he’ll wander between the two worlds from now on. RIP – you were a good man!
DEATH_04 copy

October 12, 2015

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marc @ 10:48 am

Kunstautomat @ Lollis Homestay


You might have stumbled across the cigarette machine right next to our entrance.

In times of declining smokers, there is a raising number of unused cigarette machines. Now Andreas Petze has a great idea how to use them instead.

You can buy little pieces of art, which fit a cigarette pack. There are pictures, prints, objects or lyric. All pieces are unique or are limited to enclosed series. Each artist decides what comes into the pack.

So if you need a love message for your girl/man, a quick present for a house warming party (perfect for our guest who are looking for shared apartments), or a little something which will always remind you of Dresden or Lollis Homestay Hostel.

With each piece of art, there will also be a little note, which gives you some information about the artist himself.

 Update: Justin was in need of a little unique pressie today! We wish him a great roadtrip

art machine