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May 31, 2017

Dresdner Musikfestspiele until 18. June 2017

“Cloud Gate Dance Theatre” in Hellerau
Copyright © LIU Chen-hsiang

You can still visit the Dresdner Musikfestspiele (Dresden Music Festival) until the 18. July  2017! Noted orchestras, top-class soloists and ensembles come to Dresden to perform at the most beautiful venues in its historic center and surroundings like the famous cello player Jan Vogler who will perform together with Bill Murray in the eastern- stylish, just reopened “Kulturpalast” building, a new cultural centre for arts in Dresden. The programme ranges from tons of classical concerts (with local performers and artists from allover the world, also amateurs) to classical beats presented by the  DJ Johann Fanger from Berlin in the “Alter Schlachthof” venue or progressive Asian dance performance in the European Centre for arts, the “Festspielhaus Hellerau“.

Entrances for the festival ranges between 0€ and 110€ depending on the event, check out the programme!

Get your tickets here!

You can visit following concerts for free:

“QUARTET OF CRITICS” on 10.06.2017 / 6pm / at the Church of our Lady (“Frauenkirche”)

“MUSICAL CITY” on 17.06.2017 / from 2pm / different locations allover the city

“DRESDEN SINGS & MAKES MUSIC” on 17.062017 / 5pm/ at Neumarkt





May 30, 2017

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Juliane @ 10:56 am

Lollis favourite Outdoor Baths

Nostalgic feeling, it is like one of the GDR baths 25 years ago, surrounded by the old village Mockritz.

Since the city of Dresden in situated in the Elbe River valley, you have to leave the valley first to get to the next situated lakes for swimming. That takes a little time, but once you reach the uplands you will be rewarded with a beautiful landscape and very attractive lakes for your chill out day! Here are my recommended and favourite baths in Dresden:


small beautiful Nature Bath with Kneipp water- treading basin, biotope with fishes, lawn for sunbathing and snack bar

get there via tram No. 13 direction „Prohlis“ to „Mockritzer Strasse“, switch to bus No. 63 direction „Löbtau“ to „Münzteichweg“, from there 2 minutes walk (Münzteichweg 22b) / opens from 9am to 7pm / price 3€ (2€ only 2 hours before closing time) and 2,30€ for the ride (single ticket) / 30 minutes ride


Pratschwitz, protected landscape, good for fishing, bathing and a vacation feeling!



huge gravel- pit in a protected landscape area with pedal boat rental, snack bars along the lake, huge lawn for sunbathing, naked bathing allowed as well, beach

get there via S- Bahn S 1 direction „Schöna“ to „ S- Bahnhof Süd Heidenau“ , from there 10 minutes walk to ferry in Heidenau next to Elbe river („F10 Birkwitz Fährstelle“), from the village „Birkwitz“ you follow the main road by walking to the village „Pratzschwitz“ (10 minutes walk) / always open/ FREE entrance / day pass for ferry and S- Bahn 8,50€- take a family ticket if you are 2 persons for 13€ / 1 hour ride and 10 minutes walk



Cossebaude Stausee is the biggest bath in the city with lots of sport activities.


huge, cool barrier lake (the biggest bath in Dresden) with lawn for sunbathing, snack bar, slide, table tennis, surf school, beach volleyball- and soccer

get there via tram No. 8 direction „Südvorstadt“ to „Postplatz“, switch to bus No. 94 to „Niederwartha“ to „An der Winkelwiesen“ (Stauseebad), (Meißner Straße 26) / opens from 9am to 7pm / price 3,50€ (2,50€ only 2 hours before closing time) and 2,30€ for the ride (single ticket) / 70 minutes ride

May 18, 2017

Karl May Fest 26.-28.05.2017

Karl May Fest– One of my favourites!













This traditional local festival celebrates the German writer Karl May, author of dozens of books about the Wild West like “Winnetou”.

He was fascinated by the Wild West and the Orient, but only

in 1908 shortly before he died he was able to visit North America (Buffalo, Niagara Water Falls, Albany).

Karl May was born in 1842 and he lived and died in Radebeul in 1912 (a small town very close to Dresden). This is why the town of Radebeul celebrates this awesome festival! The festival will be celebrated in the “Lößnitzgrund” along the small Lößnitz River (a very beautiful part of Radebeul, near the vineyards, a forest and the very old part of town with nice frame houses).

On the huge festival area you can see horse riding competitions, a Native- American Camp (mostly run by European fans in costumes), the Cowboy Camp or the traditional train raid (with a real steam train, called the “Lößnitz- Dackel”) but you can also eat, drink or go for gold- seeking in the river and much more!

Everybody is dressed as Old Shatterhand or Winnetou or other fictitious people from the books.

Get there

by tram No. 4 from Dresden, direction “Radebeul” or “Coswig” to “Radebeul Weintraube” to “Landesbühnen Sachsen” station

or take the S- Bahn S1 direction “Meissen” to Radebeul-Ost” station


free entrance on Friday

9 € for adults on Saturday

7 € for adults on Sunday

(cheaper if you buy a weekend ticket in advance at Karl-May-Museum Radebeul, Konzertkasse am Florentinum or Tourist Information Radebeul)

programme download here.



Dackel raid


May 16, 2017

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marc @ 10:43 am

Meet our new team member – Victoria!

Hello fellow readers,
today we want to introduce our volunteer Victoria from Argentina.
She’ll be around at the hostel organizing several hiking tours, bike tours, fun activities in the near surrounding or classic tours through the Old town of Dresden.
But first we asked her a couple of questions:
You’ve been here around for a week now! What have you been doing during that week?
I think I’ve been doing all the touristic things you can do in dresden in order to know the city more and have an actual idea of what to do when I meet new guests at the hostel. I’ve been to the Old Town, but I’ve been more around the Neustadt, Alaunsplatz and riding a bike next to the Elbe. Oh, and also I’ve been trying to visit all the different pubs and biergartens around of course.
Sounds pretty cool! Where have you been traveling so far?
Before I got here, I spent more or less seven months in Spain, visiting as much as possible since I was studying in Madrid and could go everywhere from there. I also visited Napoli for a few days, Düsseldorf and Köln. 
Is this your first volunteering?
No, I used to work as a volunteer in Madrid as well in a hostel called Las Musas. I actually started there for 1 month and ended up staying 3 haha. Deciding to move out of Madrid and leaving the hostel was a really hard decision to make, but I was also really looking forward to come to Germany so it had to be done. 
What are your plans with the guests staying with us?
I would like people to discover and embrace what a beautiful city this is. I want them to love how multicutural and artistic this neighbourhood is; but I think the most important part as well would be that they feel comfortable at the hostel and with the idea of meeting new people all the time. We are all travellers, we all have stories and basically you don’t need much more than that to make a good connection and have a good time.
Do you have any weekly schedule?
Not so far really, because on one hand I still feel pretty new here so I have things to discover as well every week, and also because it really depends on the guests and how they feel. I understand if after being out walking the whole day they maybe don’t want to go out again at night, so we can arrange just having some beers at the hostel, playing any board game or some cards (UNO is the favourite one so far) and just relaxing there.
Do you have any specific highlights in your pipeline?
I have really enjoyed going to the Saxon Switzerland National Park area with one of the guests from the hostel, seeing the Bastei Bridge, enjoying the view from there, having a picnic, hiking and just getting lost in the woods. 
Also on the 8th of May I was lucky enough to just be having a beer in Assie-Eck when a lot of firecrackers and fireworks started to commemorate the end of the WWII. It was exciting, lively and very peaceful. It was not a riot, it was more like a celebration. I really loved it.
For how long will you be with us? 
In the hostel I think only one month, but I’m trying to see if I can stay longer in Dresden since I like a lot so far. It has everything I was looking for in a city: nature and parks really close by, a good nightlife and atmosphere, an interesting history and welcoming people. 
How can people meet you at the hostel or get in touch with you?
I’m usually around in the common areas either talking or playing games with other guests, but if we are out, in the reception anyone can ask for my number and write to me, or just ask the receptionist to give me a call to see where we are with the rest of the guests.
So to cut things short – get in touch with Victoria, if you want to experience the city of Dresden in a very special, fun and vibrant way!!
She will be here to get you around, to show you her favorite spots and to entertain you as much as possible!

May 15, 2017

AusserHausFestival from 30.06. to 02.07.2017

Join this small festival near Dresden/ Freiberg, the Ausser Haus Festival!

This is a very small and alternative FESTIVAL in the beautiful surroundings of Dresden. Forest, open fields and your tent!

Expect a chilled festival area, good for relaxing, children and a vibrant young local crowd. A lake is near by, so bring your swimsuit.

the tent area, it is inclusive.



“Shortcuts” (Game Boy Boogie Woogie)

“Pigeon” (Future/ Noise Pop/ No-Wave)

“Strand Child” (Indie, Alternative Rock, Dream Rock)

“Lingua Nada” (Indie/ Noise Rock)

and more…

start/ general information:

  • camping site open on 30.06.2017, 14:00
  • concerts starts at 19:00
  • parking available and inclusive, but save the nature and use the train!
  • food and drinks available on the festival area (also vegetarian)
  • dogs allowed only on the camping site


  • (20 €) available until 24.06.2017 here!
  • free for kids till 16 years




  • no open fire (there are official fire places)
  • no barbecue
  • be nice
  • take your trash to the bins or take it home again
  • no own food, no own beverages (sorry!)
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Juliane @ 8:01 am

Tolerade- parade for respect on 20.05.2017

Tolerade– parade for respect, cooperation and tolerance

official tolerade flyer


Empathize – empathy for people, against discrimination
Dance – enthusiasm for electronical music, freedom in movement
Mobilize – join us, take care of each other, intervention, play your part!

You demonstrade, you dance for respect and tolerance! You can participate for free and in the evening you can join the official tolerade party. Any idea is welcome: colourful costumes, your own prepared waggon or bike, hand barrow or just come on foot! All collected money goes to refugee relief or integration help initiatives.

Start breakfast and waggons preparation:

around 10:00 Alexander Puschkin Platz at parking space of Puschkin Club (tram 9 or 4 to “Alexander Puschkin Platz”)

Start demonstration:

14:00 at Train Station Neustadt (tram 6 or 11 to “Neustädter Bahnhof”)

16:00 at Postplatz (tram 8, 11 to “Postplatz”)

18:00 Albertplatz (tram 3, 11, 7 or 8 to Albertplatz)

18:15 Alaunplatz (at New Town, tram 13 to “Alaunplatz”)

21:00 Club “Sektor Evolution” (at Industrial Area, tram 7 or 8 to “Industriegelände)

Start party:

21:00 Club “Sektor Evolution” (at Industrial Area, tram 7 or 8 to “Industriegelände)

Donate here.

Tolerade on Facebook

May 9, 2017

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Juliane @ 7:18 pm

Did you know?


I am delighted to share my local Dresden- knowlege with you!

Did you know that the world’s first milk chocolate was invented in Dresden in 1839, even before the Swiss invented it (30 years before the Swiss invention)? Maybe this seems weird today, but Jordan&Timaeus used donkey milk for their chocolate creations, which were famous around the world (they even expanded to Vienna, Prague and Budapest).

Jordan und Timaeus (the two inventors) produced the milk chocolate with a steam-engine first. The factory was just around the corner from Lollis Homestay Hostel, unfortunately does it not exist anymore today.

Today only the two street names: “Jordanstrasse” and “Timaeusstrasse” remind of the factory. Although you can still visit the Timaeus villa in the backyard of Alaunstraße 71b (it was the manufacturer residence).

The old chocolate factory. Today the area looks completely different.