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October 17, 2017

Festival for Sustainable Change

The festival for sustainability, the Umundu Festival already takes place since 2009 in Dresden.

what to do there?

  • market (In the Japanese Palace- “Japanisches Palais” on the 22. October 2017, 12:00 until 16:00)/ free entrance
  • You can also see the exhibition on the market: »1%: Privilege in a time of global inequality«
  • vegan and organic food and drinks are available on the market
  • see the exhibitors ideas how to contribute to the global changes
  • symposium (In the Japanese Palace- “Japanisches Palais” from 20. to 22. October) with discussions and lectures
  • exhibition “Excessocenus”: until 28. October 2017 in the Centrum Galerie (shopping mall), Dresden
  • from 23. until 28. October you can also visit different workshops of local initiatives: see concrete examples of sustainability and get active yourself!


20. until 28. October 2017


how to get there?

Japanisches Palais: tram 9 or 4, stop “Palaisplatz”

Centrum Galerie: tram 8 or 9, stop Doktor-Külz-Ring

does it cost something?

You are free to give whatever you can give (between 0€ and 50€) if you wanna join the symposium. Everything else is free.

Twitter: #umundu2017, #arm&reich


October 13, 2017

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Juliane @ 12:58 am

Festival for Club Culture (20.-29. October 2017)

Daveis a unique festival for Club Culture in Dresden, which not only gives a deep inside look into Dresden’s subculture, but also gives the opportunity to be individually active and creative as well, even if you are a layperson (everybody is welcome).

The festival offers a huge variety of different events, not only including plenty of different partys in the nicest clubs in Dresden, but also Live Shows, Meet& Greets with local, national or international DJ’s and artists or Workshops like “Artist Booking”, “VJin”, “DJing”, “Film Sounds”, “Brazing Synthesizers”, “Live Looping”,  “Art of Sampling”and much more. The workshops are hold by professional artists and DJ’s themselves.

Workshops where you do not need to sign up in advance are usually free.

If you wanna join a special Workshop, you should definitely sign up in advance if this is requested by writing an e- mail: Those workshops request an participant charge.

This year, besides plenty of artists, you can meet the famous German DJ Johannes Fröhlich, but also my personal favourite local DJ Felkon.


locations and clubs in Dresden who join the festival:

Hole of Fame (galery), TBA Club, Koralle Club, Bon Voyage Bar, RADIOAKTIV2PUNKT0, Objekt Klein A, Nikkifaktur, Chemiefabrik Club, Groovestation Club, Sabotage Club, Club Paula, Miliary History Museum of Dresden, Mole, Altes Wettbüro Club, Musikhaus Korn, Thalia Cinema, Kraftwerk Mitte (Club and event location), Scheune Club, German Hygiene Museum (Museum of Man), Zille Bar, Music University Dresden, Palais in Großer Garten, Kleinvieh, Sektor Evolution Club, Showboxx Club, Martin Luther church


The festival includes workshops and partys, discussions, films and theatre, you can also meet different DJ’s and artists.


from 20. to 29. October 2017

How to get there?

You can reach most of the locations on foot or by bike (from our hostel) since most of the Clubs are located in the Neustadt Quarter (the “alternative” quarter of Dresden).

Using the public transport in Dresden is easy. So called “Night- Trams” run all night long (line 13, line 7, line 11, line 6, line 3). A single ticket costs 2,30 €. Use the official Dresden transport site to see timetables and connections.

programme online

or programme as .pdf


August 23, 2017

Hechtfest 25. to 27. August 2017

The Hechtfest is a local festival in the Hecht- quarter (the little sister of the Neustadt quarter, which is known to be the local hotspot for nightlife, street art or just local every day life).

It is organised by the locals who live in the Hecht area. It offers a variety of free alternative concerts (GDR Punkrock, local choir, Rock,…), local street food (cooked and baked by children or adults), partys (mostly Dub; Reggae or Electro…organised by local clubs or locals) and other nice events like the longest breakfast table, theatre shows/ puppet theatre, trampolines or the “Broiler Jam” – the skate contest!



(neighbourhood festival) from the 25th to the 27th of August


totally free


  • in the Hecht- Quarter of Dresden (Hechtstrasse/ Rudolf- Leonhard Strasse/ Buchenstrasse/ Johann- Meyer Strasse/ Fichtenstrasse/ Erlenstrasse
  • get there by tram 13 to “Bischofsplatz” or walk from Lollis Homestay Hostel within 15 minutes


  • respect the locals and their neighbourhood
  • bring your trash to the bin



June 22, 2017

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Schaubudensommer 6. July to 16. July 2017

the “Scheune”, a youth club first, now a cultural centre, exists since over 60 years in the Neustadt area

The International Festival for Theatre, Amusement and Music, the Schaubudensommer (Show Booth Summer Festival) starts on the 6. July 2017 again. Although the entrances seems a little high, it is definitely worth to visit this bizzarre, little anarchical and cute festival. The athmosphere feels like beeing on circus 120 years ago. The entrance ticket includes a free concert every day (see below), food stands and other arty events,clowns, donkeys and candyfloss. With the show- tickets you can visit plenty of different theatre shows of your choice inside the festival area (puppet theatre, music, …., see full programme here).


  • The entrance fee to the festival area is 3 €
  • tickets for all shows can only be bought at the box office
  • one show (20-30 minutes) costs 5 €
  • A Triple-Ticket costs 12 €
  • some of our fairground attractions cost less, please note the placards
    the programme can be bought for 2 €


  • from the 6th of July to the 16th of July 2017
  • The first shows start at 7:30 pm


  • on the yard of the “Scheune”
  • Alaunstrasse 36-40, 01099 Dresden
Festival-Bands Every night at midnight! 
Thursday, 06.07. // Kërkim | Klezmer / Folk (IT)
Friday, 07.07. // Paula & Karol | Folk (PL)
Saturday, 08.07. // The Pigs + White Wine | Folk / Country (AUS/D)
Sunday, 09.07. // Falakumbe | Cumbia (SWE)
Monday, 10.07. // Analog Bass Camp | Dub / Drum ‘n’ Bass (D)
Tuesday, 11.07. // Karikatura | World Beat (USA )
Wednesday, 12.07. // Velo de Oza | Global Beat (COL)
Thursday, 13.07. // Chapter 5 + Sons of Settlers | Indie Rock (D/ZA)
Friday, 14.07. // Mother Princess | Jazz/Elektronika (D)
Saturday, 15.07. // Django S | Brass/Ska (D)
Sunday, 16.07. // Yusuf Sahilli + Band | Folk/Pop (D/SYR)


Foto: Julia Raab, Schaubudensommer 2014




June 8, 2017

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Comic Fest on 10. June 2017

Visit the Comic Fest on the 10. June 2017 at Scheune (Alaunstrasse 36-40) from 10 am to 6 pm / see artists doing their work / buy their art / get in touch / street art / Reading Panels /   Comic Flea Market / FREE ENTRANCE!












Friday, 9. June 2017

20:00 Prokejttheater Dresden,
on Louisenstr. 47
READING PANELS I: “Als ich so alt war” – read by the author Katja Klengel and Adrian vom Baur, Matthias Lehmann and Nina Hoffmann

Saturday, 10. June 2017

10-15:00 Dresdner Comicladen,
on Bautzner Str. 30
11-18:00 around the SCHEUNE publisher stands, book-signing, catering
11-18:00 around the SCHEUNE Comic Flea Market
11-17:00 Kunsthaus Raskolnikow,
at Böhmische Straße 34
exhibition SCRIPTED REALITY from AnnaMateur and Matthias Lehmann – OPENING on 1. June 2017
11-17:00 WIR AG
at Martin-Luther-Platz
exhibition von Henrike Terheyden
15.30 SCHEUNE READING PANELS II: “Paula: Liebesbriefe des Schreckens” from Sandra Brandstätter, read by Katja Klengel and Adrian vom Baur
16.15 SCHEUNE READING PANELS III: “Die Reise”, read by the author Matthias Lehmann
18.30 Uhr SCHEUNE Gala: Exklusive “Didi und Stulle”-LIVE-Reading with FIL

May 30, 2017

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Lollis favourite Outdoor Baths

Nostalgic feeling, it is like one of the GDR baths 25 years ago, surrounded by the old village Mockritz.

Since the city of Dresden in situated in the Elbe River valley, you have to leave the valley first to get to the next situated lakes for swimming. That takes a little time, but once you reach the uplands you will be rewarded with a beautiful landscape and very attractive lakes for your chill out day! Here are my recommended and favourite baths in Dresden:


small beautiful Nature Bath with Kneipp water- treading basin, biotope with fishes, lawn for sunbathing and snack bar

get there via tram No. 13 direction „Prohlis“ to „Mockritzer Strasse“, switch to bus No. 63 direction „Löbtau“ to „Münzteichweg“, from there 2 minutes walk (Münzteichweg 22b) / opens from 9am to 7pm / price 3€ (2€ only 2 hours before closing time) and 2,30€ for the ride (single ticket) / 30 minutes ride


Pratschwitz, protected landscape, good for fishing, bathing and a vacation feeling!



huge gravel- pit in a protected landscape area with pedal boat rental, snack bars along the lake, huge lawn for sunbathing, naked bathing allowed as well, beach

get there via S- Bahn S 1 direction „Schöna“ to „ S- Bahnhof Süd Heidenau“ , from there 10 minutes walk to ferry in Heidenau next to Elbe river („F10 Birkwitz Fährstelle“), from the village „Birkwitz“ you follow the main road by walking to the village „Pratzschwitz“ (10 minutes walk) / always open/ FREE entrance / day pass for ferry and S- Bahn 8,50€- take a family ticket if you are 2 persons for 13€ / 1 hour ride and 10 minutes walk



Cossebaude Stausee is the biggest bath in the city with lots of sport activities.


huge, cool barrier lake (the biggest bath in Dresden) with lawn for sunbathing, snack bar, slide, table tennis, surf school, beach volleyball- and soccer

get there via tram No. 8 direction „Südvorstadt“ to „Postplatz“, switch to bus No. 94 to „Niederwartha“ to „An der Winkelwiesen“ (Stauseebad), (Meißner Straße 26) / opens from 9am to 7pm / price 3,50€ (2,50€ only 2 hours before closing time) and 2,30€ for the ride (single ticket) / 70 minutes ride

May 18, 2017

Karl May Fest 26.-28.05.2017

Karl May Fest– One of my favourites!













This traditional local festival celebrates the German writer Karl May, author of dozens of books about the Wild West like “Winnetou”.

He was fascinated by the Wild West and the Orient, but only

in 1908 shortly before he died he was able to visit North America (Buffalo, Niagara Water Falls, Albany).

Karl May was born in 1842 and he lived and died in Radebeul in 1912 (a small town very close to Dresden). This is why the town of Radebeul celebrates this awesome festival! The festival will be celebrated in the “Lößnitzgrund” along the small Lößnitz River (a very beautiful part of Radebeul, near the vineyards, a forest and the very old part of town with nice frame houses).

On the huge festival area you can see horse riding competitions, a Native- American Camp (mostly run by European fans in costumes), the Cowboy Camp or the traditional train raid (with a real steam train, called the “Lößnitz- Dackel”) but you can also eat, drink or go for gold- seeking in the river and much more!

Everybody is dressed as Old Shatterhand or Winnetou or other fictitious people from the books.

Get there

by tram No. 4 from Dresden, direction “Radebeul” or “Coswig” to “Radebeul Weintraube” to “Landesbühnen Sachsen” station

or take the S- Bahn S1 direction “Meissen” to Radebeul-Ost” station


free entrance on Friday

9 € for adults on Saturday

7 € for adults on Sunday

(cheaper if you buy a weekend ticket in advance at Karl-May-Museum Radebeul, Konzertkasse am Florentinum or Tourist Information Radebeul)

programme download here.



Dackel raid