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Lollis Homestay – Hostel BLOG

November 20, 2015

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marc @ 5:30 pm

About villains and villagers

It’s christmas time!
For the next view weeks our staff will be playing a wonderfull game about an unknown murderer, who’s gonna kill al villagers without getting busted. Everyone who’s getting murdered has to provide an picture of the crime scene!
Our staff member Marc got killed first! So we are proud to announce the first crime scene to the public!
Keep an eye open for future scary crime scenes! :)
_DSC0192 finale-klein

Update: ♫ Monday Monday … ♫
Unfortunately we have to announce a new loss of one of our staff members. Cora died last week a terribly pained death. We reckon that she suffered a while before loosing her consciousness! We promise to keep looking for the cruel murder. Don’t worry for now we can stick to our usual opening times at the reception


After a little time out, the mysterious killer has stricken again. Not only we have to announce a new loss of one of our staff, we are also concerned about our interior. Should you spot any damage on our lockers, please feel free to see the reception. Please also consider any blood staines as part of the new wall design ;) You know: everything can be art! ;)

Romy tot-2
Oh by the way, while cleaning through the hostel, we found the missing head! Now at least we can keep Romy forever at the reception! Isn’t that nice?

At the moment we are looking at a pure kill streak! Are any religious reasons involved?


Oh will the killing ever stop? The killer left a ironic message: “and out of the window went … Juliane”
Mordopfer Jule

New crime scene has turned up! This time one of our housekeeping staff member got waterboarded!


I guess a part of the staff member is still better then losing him completly

I just wanted to refill our beer, when I stumbled upon a new crime scene



Not only we can keep your luggage in our storage. Obviously the murder had the same intentions for storing some goods.



We tried the very best to become the last standing man. Unfortunately he’ll wander between the two worlds from now on. RIP – you were a good man!
DEATH_04 copy