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November 22, 2016

What to do during Christmas in Dresden?


our reception during christmas time

It gets dark early, the Christmas Markets are ready to open, the first mulled wine bottle is opened already,…it is Christmas time (soon)!

Usually the 24., 25. and the 26. December are not the common days to go out on a party and all museums are closed as well? Not quite! There is plenty of things to do in Dresden!

The 24. December is a normal work day, although most shops, supermarkets and restaurants will close a bit earlier (8:00 till max. 18:00), because on the evening on the 24th, we locals get our presents and we are celebrating with our families.
The 25. December is a public holiday and everything is closed as same as on the 26. December (supermarkets, shops, etc.), although many restaurants will be still open, because we like to go out for good food on this day. There is also a supermarket near by (Lidl Supermarket at the Train Station Neustadt, 10 minutes on foot from the hostel), which will be definitely open on these two days (till max. 16:00).

Why Lollis Homestay Hostel during Christmas?

Lollis Homestay Hostel provides you with a self cooking kitchen and free tea and coffee all day long, so that’ll be easy for you to stash some of your own food during these days. Our receptionist, who is on duty on the evening of the 24th, will prepare some typical potato salad and german sausages, as we eat it traditionally in the evening of the 24th. Of course, this will be for free for all our guests!

We also have free WiFi, everywhere (inside the rooms, kitchen, common room), to greet and chat with your family or friends. Or just meet other fellow travellers here!


typical German potato salad and Wiener Sausages

Hike or go out for a walk!

You have a hat and a good warm sweater? Dresden is always good for a city walk (from the Hostel to the Old Town: 20 minutes on foot) or a hike in the National Park even during the winter (Saxon Switzerland National Park is reachable by train in 1 hour. We have free tours, which we print out for free as well as proper hike- maps, just ask your receptionist).

Or visit one of the castles near by (Meissen, Pillnitz, Moritzburg, appr. 1 hour with the train or bus from here).


Moritzburg Castle

The beautiful Elbe River meadows are always nice for a walk as well (15 minutes on foot from our hostel). It was once World Heritage (till the city of Dresden built the huge Waldschlösschen- bridge), because of the Elbe Rivers’ natural unique (in Europe) stream.

Dresden is famous for its biggest treasure chamber in Europe!

So visiting a museum is a must do, especially during the winter time. There is a huge variety of pretty cool museums in Dresden (also with english audio guides).

museums open on the 24. December
Historical Green Vault in the castle (10am to 2pm)
museum for Saxon Folk art/ puppet museum (10am to 2pm)

Don’t forget to party! There will be definitely some partys in the Neustadt Quarter (the alternative- and nightlife area of Dresden, where Lollis Hostel is situated) as well, since many young people wanna get rid of their christmas money now (“TBA Club” at Neustadt Train Station, Techno party on 1 floor starting at 23:00 to open end for 6 € or “Sektor Evolution”, 3 tram stops from here or walkable in 20 minutes on foot with Hardteck and Techno on 2 floors). There are plenty of good bars and comfy cafes near by.

and on the 25. December:
the complete castle with the Green Vaults, turkish chamber and more (10am to 6pm)
New Masters Gallery (10am to 6pm… we recommend the art of the famous German “Brücke” artists, typical Expressionism from Dresden)
Old Masters Gallery (10am to 6pm… see art of Tizian, Vermeer, Dürer or Raffael)
mathematical/phsysical salon (10am to 6pm… one of the world’s most important museums of historical scientific instruments)
porcelain collection (Meissen and Chinese) (10am to 6pm…The Dresden collection is the most exquisite, and also the largest, specialist ceramics collection in the world)

Furthermore we recommend the alternative christmas party at the Club Sabotage (10 minutes from here) with some  DJ’s starting at midnight (free entrance or 3 € maximum): „Tropicaliente – Local Tribe & Black Lights“ or the Techno Party at “TBA Club” again for 6 € starting at 23:00.

on the 26. December:

(see opening times of the museums like on 25. December)

A must is also the “Hygiene Museum”…it is not a museum about toilet paper, but about humanity in general. It’s interactive exhibitions are stunning and definitely worth a visit (audio guides in English are inclusive, open 10:00 to 18:00, 7 € entrance)!

source: Deutsches Hygiene Museum

The “Sabotage Club” celebrates 6th anniversary of Green Planet: starting from 23:00 again you can expect a cool Drum’n’Bass / Jungle, Techno Party for 6 € again.

During these days it is of course more quiet than usually, but if you know where to go specifically, you can definitely make something out of your holiday here in Dresden.