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Lollis Homestay – Hostel BLOG

November 11, 2015

Chasing the sunrise – welcome to the Saxon Switzerland night walk

Have you already seen some impressive pictures of the sunrises in the Saxon Switzerland?


Imagine thousands of stars in the open sky. The first shades of dark blue sky turn up and you can see the burning red sun rising. That’s the view you’ll get while sitting on the edge of a big flat rock.

We offer a unique and spectacular night walk from the foot to the top of the Lilienstein mountain.

Therefor you’ll be picked up in front of the Hostel Lollis Homestay at about 3 a.m.. It will take us about an hour by car to get there. Once there, we’ll start the hike in the middle of a wild looking forest. Don’t worry – some lamps will be provided to get you there safe and easy. We’ll reach the lookout point when it’s still dark – just perfect to look at the stars (if weather plays along ;))


We will provide you with some hot tea. It can get cold and windy up there. So please dress accordingly.

The view when the sun rises is just impressive and spectacular. You’ll see the clouds floating through the valley of the river Elbe. Expect some awesome pictures.


Speaking of pictures. You are welcome to bringing you camera (+ tripod if available) with you. I also will bring my equipment. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a camera with you. I will share my pictures of the tour with you!

At about 9 a.m. we will head back. So we’ll probably be back at the hostel at about 10.30 – 11 am.


So what makes this tour so unique? It’s quite simple. You can only do the tour by yourself during the day using the train, which runs on the other side of the river. In order to get to the Lilienstein, you need to take the ferry, which only runs during day time.

The whole tour will cost you 20€ (that’s what you would have to pay for a return train ticket and a return ferry ticket).


You’ll find this hangout a day before the tour starts at the reception. When you pay for the tour, a voucher will be given to you!

Minimum size of the group: 2 guests / Maximum size of the tour: 4 guests


October 12, 2015

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marc @ 10:48 am

Kunstautomat @ Lollis Homestay


You might have stumbled across the cigarette machine right next to our entrance.

In times of declining smokers, there is a raising number of unused cigarette machines. Now Andreas Petze has a great idea how to use them instead.

You can buy little pieces of art, which fit a cigarette pack. There are pictures, prints, objects or lyric. All pieces are unique or are limited to enclosed series. Each artist decides what comes into the pack.

So if you need a love message for your girl/man, a quick present for a house warming party (perfect for our guest who are looking for shared apartments), or a little something which will always remind you of Dresden or Lollis Homestay Hostel.

With each piece of art, there will also be a little note, which gives you some information about the artist himself.

 Update: Justin was in need of a little unique pressie today! We wish him a great roadtrip

art machine

February 7, 2015

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marc @ 11:23 am

Meet the hostel staff – Jule


knutschende Jule

Jule ++ with us for almost 8 years (!) ++ “lovely receptionist”

Craziest experience during my time working for Lollis Homestay?

>> There have been so many crazy things going on at this hostel, I can’t retell them all. But I’ll say this much: At this hostel I have worked as a receptionist, realtor, tour guide, therapist, social worker, cleaning lady, philosopher, cook, etc… . The most thrilling incident however was definitely the encounter with a thief during a night shift. I was able to get the stolen goods back, but the guy escaped. He was too fast for me! <<

Most beautiful memory form my time at Lollis?

>> From over seas love storys, the christmas partys to the comfy living room atmosphere, I have made so many wonderful memories. Sometimes I call this place my second home. I love it when you meet people from all over the world, who share the same opinions about current political affairs or the economy. I makes me think positive about the future of this crazy planet. <<

What I love about Lollis Homestay?

>> Especially now, as Dresden has become the “White City” (PEGIDA), Lollis is one of the most important places in this city for me. Here reigns tolerance, openess and curiosity. We don’t just talk, this is our way of life.  Everyone is accepted, just the way they are. This does not only count for the employees, but also for the guests. <<

January 4, 2015

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marc @ 11:41 am

Meet the hostel staff – Ben


hardworking Ben

Ben ++ has been with us for 8 1/4 years ++ “hadworking cleaner”

Craziest experience during my time working for Lollis Homestay?

>> As a cleaner you don’t have as much customer contact as for example a receptionist. However you see things, which the other colleagues can’t even imagine in their wildest dreams. About 2 years ago … during my daily cleaning routine … I entered a 4 bed room. I immediately realized: “there’s something wrong in here“. There was a very strange smell in the air. After a while I found the source. I have to admit, these guests had developed a very creative method to hide their slip-up. Apparently these gentleman had had a adventerous night out on the town! Too bad for me, it took me 2 days to clean the room and get the smell out. <<

Most beautiful memory from my time at Lollis Homestay?

>>After a rather busy work day one summer, I enjoyed a beer outside the hostel. While doing so I met a middle-aged woman. The two of us talked until 10 pm in the evening about anything that came to mind – something like this doesn’t happen often, but you don’t experience it anywhere else! <<

What I love about Lollis Homestay?

>> The colleagues , the friendly working atmosphere and a very fair board of management. <<